April Favourites

April was a great month for me, with two short breaks away, days out and more. So here’s a look at my April Favourites.

A Sunday Spent Exploring Brick Lane’s Markets

Right at the start of April, me and my partner spent the day at Brick Lane in London. We tried lots of great food from the different markets and wandered around the streets, admiring the street art.

Going to Somerset For An Easter Break

For Easter, we spent three nights staying in beautiful Somerset. We explored villages and cities, visited the Roman Baths and Cheddar Gorge caves and just had a wonderful few days away.

Watching Ghost the Musical at the Theatre

Just after we got back from Somerset we went to see Ghost the Musical, which is my favourite theatre show. I first saw Ghost way back in 2011 with my mum and it’s been away touring ever since, so I was super excited to get to see it with my partner. The new production of Ghost was amazing and beautifully done.

Weekend Break to Warwickshire

Last weekend was a bank holiday weekend, so we decided to visit Warwick Castle, Twycross Zoo and to spend the night in Warwickshire. We had a great time exploring and visiting two of the attractions in the area.

Having a Pinky/Purple Tint Added To My Hair

Early April I had a pinky/purple tint added to my hair which I loved! As it washed out after a couple of weeks, I started using tinted shampoos to add some colour to my hair. I’ve really enjoyed mixing it up and experimenting with my hair the past month.

Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Smoky Mauve

Way back in August, I got this Mac eyeshadow for my birthday and I’ve finally started using it! It’s the most beautiful metallic looking mauve, that I used loads in April as it matched my hair.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation and Healthy Mix and Radiance Reveal Concealers

It’s very rare that I try or love a new foundation or concealer, but I’ve been really impressed by all three of these products.

The 123 Perfect Foundation is great for combination skin, as once I’ve powdered it lasts well throughout the day and doesn’t look greasy or shiny. It’s also not drying, so it doesn’t look cakey or heavy on the drier parts of my face.

The two concealers I alternate between and use under my eyes. They’re both hydrating and don’t settle into fine lines. Out of the two, I prefer the Healthy Mix concealer more so far but I’ll be doing a post about all three of these Bourjois products soon.

So that’s my April Favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

16 thoughts on “April Favourites

  1. I love the pink hair, it suits you so much! And somerset looks beautiful. I love Ghost the movie but I’ve never seen the theatre show, I bet it was beautiful! I didn’t actually even know there was a theatre production of Ghost until I saw your posts about going! And that MAC eyeshadow looks beaaautiful! 😍

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    1. Aaw thanks hun. I love the pink too😊 I saw it by chance, I had no idea it was touring over here again! I was super happy I got to see it☺ It’s gorgeous. I can’t believe I’ve only just started using it xx

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  2. Oh my gosh, I did not know they made the movie Ghost into a musical! 😀 I love that movie.
    Your pink / purple tint was so well done and suited you! Will you maintain it? My hair is dark so I can’t really do tints in it so I envy your ability to do that.
    And yeah, I love that MAC Smoky Mauve eye shadow too – such a gorgeous shimmer to it.

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    1. It’s a great movie and they made it into a great show too😊 Aaw thank you. It faded quite quickly, so I’ve been using tinted shampoos to maintain it. It’s blonde today though, as I tried to wash out the grey tint the purple left behind. The tints that are supposed to work on dark hair never do really, which is a shame. It’s gorgeous! 😊 xx

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  3. I loveee that you got the pink tint added into you hair, you pull it off so well! Do you think you’ll redo it? I’m still in love with your giraffe photos, theyre my favorite animals and I was so bummed that when I went to the zoo they were so far away….luckily I can just look at yours instead 😉 I love that you go on so many adventures! You have such a fun life!!! ❤

    xo, JJ

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    1. Aaw thanks hun. Yes definitely. The next time I go to the hairdressers I’ll have the tint done😊 I love giraffes. They’re so gentle for such a big animal. Aaw I love going out and seeing as many new places as I can☺ xx

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