Sunshine Blogger Award

I haven’t done a blog award in quite some time, so I really enjoyed writing this post. Thank you to Ankhor You for nominating me and go check out this lovely girl’s blog!

1. The most important question: How do you take your coffee (Or tea)?

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I want to like it! I usually drink herbal teas, but my favourite is green tea with lemon.

2. What are you most excited about this Summer?

Summer is my favourite time of year, as I love the simple things like just being able to sit outside and it staying dark until late. Also my birthday is in August and I usually go away in the summer, so I look forward to fun days out and hopefully a trip away.

3. How did you pick your blog name?

I asked for any suggestions on Facebook and someone jokingly called me ‘a beautiful thing’. I decided to use the name, as I write about beautiful things that I love and enjoy like travel, beauty and more.

4. What is a television show you are currently obsessed with?

I don’t watch much TV, but I love Versailles! It’s the second series and I’m enjoying it just as much as the first.

5. Lipstick or lip gloss (or none)?

I wear both, but I definitely reach for my lip glosses more.

6. What is one place you would sell your soul to visit or go back to?

I’ve loved everywhere I’ve travelled so far, so I’d like to go back to every single place. Some of the places I want to go are the Maldives, on an African safari and to backpack around Asia.

7. What is a fashion trend you are obsessed with this season?

I love all things gingham! I’ve seen so many gorgeous gingham tops and dresses, that I need to hit the shops pronto!

8. What is your song for summer?

Two of Coldplay’s songs remind me of summer. I love A Sky Full of Stars and Hymn for the Weekend.

9. What is one thing that always makes you smile?

My partner, family and of course, travel!

10. Morning or evening person?

Definitely evening. Whilst I’m getting a bit better with mornings, I’m more of an evening/night owl.

11. What is your favourite sport to watch or play? (And yes, shopping does count)

Shopping is definitely a favourite sport. I enjoy watching Boxing and I prefer gentle exercise/sports such as Yoga to actually do.

 If anyone else is interested in doing this award, I’d love to see you answer the same questions and tag me if you do. 

29 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. The Maldives look so beautiful and an African Safari is definitely a must, I can only imagine how amazing it would be to go on one! Coldplay are great, I have a sky full of stars in my head now lol! Love the post X

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    1. I always say I want to do a safari for my 30th☺ Fingers crossed hehe. The Maldives me and my partner look at a lot. It looks so beautiful😊 There songs always make me feel summery and upbeat☺ Thanks hun x

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      1. That would be the perfect trip for your 30th, as thats a milestone birthday so what better way to celebrate!?? Yes fingers crossed! Ah it does look like the perfect beach holiday! You’re welcome x

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  2. Awe thanks for your sweet words beauty! And congratulations so well deserved! I loved reading your answers!
    If I drink tea it is ONLY green tea and Lemon!
    I also am obsessed with Versaille! They haven’t aired the second series over here yet, but I am anxiously awaiting it!
    An African Safari is on my bucket list
    And gingham, is one of my favorites too!
    I hope you are feeling better sweets and have an amazing week ahead! ,3

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    1. Aaw thanks hun😊 Good taste. I occasionally drink black tea but green tea with lemon is my favourite. No way. You watch it too?! It’s great. Hope they show the second series there soon😊 An African Safari is something I’ve wanted to do for so long. Gingham is great for summer. Fingers crossed I feel better soon. I hope you have a great week too😚 xx


  3. Shopping is definitely a sport! 😀 And ooh I can’t watch boxing at all, it makes me so anxious. Soccer’s my habit!

    And be glad you don’t drink coffee. I looooove it and I hate having to deal with the staining on my teeth, blech!


    1. Haha it is. All that carrying!😂 It does get my heart rate up watching it. My partner loves football so I end up watching it alot. I drink a lot of fizzy drinks, so I thought coffee might actually be better for me. It’s a shame all caffeinated drinks stain teeth x


  4. I would sell my soul to see the Maldives too!!!! I can only imagine the beautiful sand and water there! Also I just booked a trip for my August birthday tooo 🙂 So excited, do you know where you want to travel to?

    xo, JJ

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  5. Haha when I see your blog name I think about “the most beautiful thing” is a plastic bag blowing in the wind… from the movie American Beauty!
    Gosh, so many places I want to visit and doing an African safari is one of them!
    And yes, shopping IS a sport! 😉


  6. Somehow I missed this post in my reader 😦 I’m a fan of your blog name, it’s lovely and you certainly do post about beautiful things! I haven’t heard of Versailles, what’s it about? x

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    1. Aaw thanks hun. I thought it was a good name😊 It’s a period drama about the palace of Versailles and King Louis 14th and his people that live there in France. Except there’s a lot of in court scandal etc, so it’s interesting☺ x

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