Origins Sheet Masks Review

A few months back, Origins released their first range of sheet masks. I picked up three out of the six masks to try, so here’s a look at how I got on with them.

Lavender Sheet Mask

The first mask that I tried is the Lavender one, which claims to soothe, calm and de-stress skin.

As with all of the Origins sheet masks, the packaging is bright, colourful and summery, which I love.

Upon opening up the mask, it was damp and full of serum but still easy to open up the mask without tearing it. The scent was slightly floral, but also fruity.

Compared to a lot of sheet masks it fit my face well and was comfortable to wear. I suffered no irritation whilst wearing this mask or after, which was the same with all three of the sheet masks.

And as for the results? The next day all blemishes and redness had pretty much disappeared. After a lot of travelling last month, I had a fair few blemishes and one large one that was threatening to erupt.

This cleared my skin up quickly, but I would have loved this mask even more if it had also brightened up my skin as it still looked dull.

Orange Sheet Mask

The second Origins sheet mask that I tried is the Orange one, which is meant to increase radiance.

As with all of the masks, it fit my face well, caused no irritation and had a soft orange scent.

The results? Out of the three masks I tried, this one was my favourite. It left my skin bright, glowing and incredibly clear with no blemishes.

Rose Sheet Mask

The third and final mask I tried is the Rose sheet mask, which is for hydration.

The scent was a soft rose scent and again, the mask fit my face well and caused no irritation.

The results? Another mask that provided results! I had a few dry patches where my makeup wouldn’t apply smoothly and this helped put some moisture back into my skin. I used this mask nearly a week ago and my skin is still hydrated.

My overall thoughts:

I’m really impressed that I’ve seen great results from all three masks and I would definitely buy more, however, I can’t help but feel these masks aren’t that exciting. I can’t put my finger on why as they work well and I would re-purchase them.

The Lavender mask took down my blemishes fantastically, but I was expecting a bit more as my skin still looked dull. The Orange mask is an overall winner for me as it reduced any blemishes and left my skin looking healthy and glowing.

The Rose mask provided a good level of moisture that’s lasted, as my skin still feels hydrated. I’d buy the Orange and Rose masks again, and would try out some of the other sheet masks from Origins.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of Origins Sheet Masks. 

33 thoughts on “Origins Sheet Masks Review

  1. I haven’t heard much about these Origins face masks, but they look like they would be fantastic! I often find that sheet masks don’t make THAT much of a difference, so it’s good you saw noticeable results after using these. On a random note, I must have a small face, face masks never fit me properly haha!

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    1. A lot of sheet masks give short term results, like the dry patches return a few days later. So I’m pleased they all worked well. Haha most sheet masks hang over my eyes and are too big as well! X

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  2. I didn’t know Origins made sheet masks! I am going to have to check them out! So far my favorite ave been Sephora! The Green Tea is my absolute favorite! They are great if you are traveling and don’t want the mess of a mask in a jar. ❤

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    1. They do. They only came out a couple of months back I think😊 I should be at a Sephora soon, so I’ll stock up. What ones do you recommend from there? I’ll note down the Green Tea one and I love the Rose one☺ I always pack sheet masks for travel. So much more convenient😊 xx

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      1. I haven’t used the undereye ones. I am an all or nothing kind of girl…BUT I have been getting dark circles under my eyes, so I might just have to check them out.

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  3. i love using masks as it helps hydrate and plump up my skin so much and I get dehydrated so fast being in air conditioning most of the day. I bought some really cool “Sally’s box” masks recently and looking forward to try them. But I will go check out Origins here now that you mentioned it. My favourite are Sephora and Innisfree.

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    1. I have combination skin so I get breakouts or dry patches. So I try to use a mask weekly to help my skin😊 Ooh let me know how you get on with the masks. I like Sephora and Innisfree ones too😊 xx

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  4. The packaging of these masks are so eye catching – not at all what I’d think Origins would be like.
    The mask fits you so well! I can see how drenched in serum it is.
    Out of the 3, I’d probably go for the rose or orange. I’ve not seen these but I’ll have to keep an eye out for them!

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    1. The packaging is very eye catching. The masks definitely stand out compared to Origins other products. Normally masks fit my face so badly, but the Origins ones were comfortable to wear and a lot of serum that massages into the skin easily. Those two were definitely my favourites. There are a few other masks in the range, so I might have to try them😊 x


      1. Exactly. It’s nice to not have to use up a whole jar or tub. I can flit behind different types of sheet masks. Plus as they’re one use, I don’t feel bad buying loads of them😊 x


  5. Hmm really interesting to read your thoughts, I’ve been so tempted to try these for a while but I was so skeptical. The lavender one does sound amazing though! Loved reading this x

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  6. One large one that was threatening to erupt… hahaha you’re so funny. These look so nice, I’ve never tried any Origins products but I’d definitely be interested in trying these. Maybe they’d be more exciting if they were in a pot and you got more use out of them, like the ones Lush do?

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    1. Haha😂 It was the nicest way I could put it! Yeah I don’t know why I didn’t find them exciting. They’re good and they work, so I’d recommend them. I really want another of the Orange sheet masks☺ xx


  7. I haven’t tried the Origin sheet masks but I in general LOVE sheet masks. I’m never truly certain if they actually work I’m much like you after finishing them, I feel good about it but at the same time I’m not like 100% impressed or excited about them but I always rebuy lol

    xo, JJ

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