My Month in Photos (May)

May was a busy month for me, but I also had a lovely day out in London with my partner and a holiday away. So here’s a look at my month in photos.

Food and Drink

Brnch at The Phene in London

Holiday to Italy and Switzerland

Pink Hair


Products I’ve Been Using

So that’s my Month in Photos. Let me know if you enjoyed this post. 

16 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (May)

  1. So jealous of your vacation to Italy and Switzerland! The photos are like out of a postcard!
    And of course… all that food porn!!! 😀
    I’m doing a full month of nightly masking for June – I want to try that watermelon sheet mask!

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    1. I took so many photos that look like they came off a postcard. Italy and Switzerland are beautiful😊 Haha it’s not a month in photos with no food porn! I’ve been using masks every few days lately. I’m a bit addicted to them! Are you going to do a write up once you’ve done a month of masks?😊 x

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  2. I was so so soooo happy you did the pink hair again, I love it on you so much!!! How long does it generally last until it starts to fade? I was googly-eyed over ALL of your photos from your holiday, which BTW, I cannot wait to go back and read all about it! (slowly but surely making my way) lol But those photos are so incredibly beautiful, they’re so detailed and beautifully taken! And idk how you do it but you manage you eat the best looking meals ever… really know how to take a good holiday 🙂 ❤

    xo, JJ

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    1. Aaw thanks hun! I have a tint so it starts to fade within a couple of weeks. I use a pink shampoo to slightly prolong it☺ Italy was just so beautiful. We’ve been to other parts of the country, so it’s a place we love. I haven’t wrote about my trip yet, but I will be this week😊 I’m glad you loved the photos💕 The food in Italy is the best! I love proper pizza and pasta☺ Aaw so do you. Your holidays always look fab😚 xx

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