Holiday to Lake Como-Heading to the Lakes

After three wonderful nights in Milan, it was time to say goodbye. We ate a big breakfast in our hotel, grabbed our bags and off we went.

We got a taxi to Milano Centrale train station, which is a stunning building and the main train station in Milan for reaching other areas of Italy.

Before heading to Italy, we’d booked our tickets from Milan to the train station Como San Giovanni in Lake Como. A return ticket only cost us €9 each and the train was a quick and easy 40 minute journey. Some trains take a bit longer, but no journey takes much over an hour.

In Como we stayed at the Park Hotel Meuble, which was only a short walk or taxi ride away from the train station.

We had a nice, spacious room that was pretty affordable compared to most places around Lake Como. We was close to a large supermarket and a ten minute walk from the centre of Como. My only gripes about our room was the bed was too firm and the wi-fi a bit slow, but overall I liked the hotel (just not the breakfast).

After unpacking and freshening up, we walked into the city centre. 

Despite Como being a city, it looks and feels more like a small town, but it often gets an unfair rap and is described on many sites as industrial looking! I’ll let you be the judge of that from my photos, but I found Como to be beautiful.

Como’s main attraction besides being by the lake, is its cathedral. Duomo di Como (Como Cathedral) is situated in the centre of the city and took over 300 years to build.

Duomo di Como was stunning and huge inside, just like the Milan cathedral. I loved the beautiful, circular stained glass window. 

After admiring Duomo, we had lunch at the nearby Peach Pit.

Followed by lots of ice cream!

Before taking a stroll along the water.

We walked around the lake, to catch the funicular up to Brunate.

To take in Lake Como from a height.

We had drinks at Trattoria dei Bracconieri.

Which had the most stunning views across Lake Como.

Before taking the funicular back down and walking to Como.

In the evening we headed out and ate more ice cream and a few other snacks, as we wasn’t hungry enough for a full meal.

My evening outfit.

And then it was time to retire back to our hotel for the night, ready for our second day in Lake Como.

16 thoughts on “Holiday to Lake Como-Heading to the Lakes

    1. The weather was pretty much mid-thirties daily, so it was warm☺ Of course and especially Italian ice cream😊 I know, it’s crazy but it’s still only half the time it took to build Milan Cathedral. It must be because they are huge inside! Xx


  1. Oh my goodness Lake Como looks like a dreamy place!!! I can’t believe those aerial views from the funicular (?) Is that like a ski-lift kind of ride? I love the photos of you and your SO, you guys are so sweet, such a perfect little traveling duo ❤

    xo, JJ

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