Holiday to Lake Como-Visiting the Lakes Most Beautiful Village

On our second day in Como, we started with breakfast in the hotel and it wasn’t great. Even though it was free, it didn’t taste the best quality so we tried it once and never went back!

After trying out breakfast, we walked into Como centre and we knew it was set to be a hot day from the street signs.

We explored Como a bit more and then stopped for an early lunch at L’Ora della Pasta, which is now one of my favourite places to eat in Italy.

You choose a type of handmade pasta and a sauce from behind the counter and then it’s cooked up fresh for you to eat.

We shared a plate of gnocchi and cheese & spinach ravioli with a tomato based sauce. Both were incredibly delicious and the freshest pasta I’ve ever tried. L’Ora della Pasta is a brilliant, affordable lunch spot in the heart of Como.

After our pasta feast, we walked down to the water and bought tickets for one of the faster boats across to Bellagio. Lake Como is large and it can take time to get between each place. The fast journey between Como to Bellagio takes an hour and cost around €30 for the two of us.

Me on the boat.

And then we arrived.

Bellagio is one of the most visited villages on Lake Como and for a good reason, it’s beautiful.

One of the most famous and photographed streets is Salita Serbelloni.

Not only is it the most gorgeous street, but it has some great little shops.

One place sold hand-painted bottles of red wine and hand-painted bottles of limoncello. As I’m not a red wine drinker, I made sure to stock up on another bottle of limoncello.

We wandered around the centre a bit more, before taking the Trombetta Express Train Tour from near the water front. Trombetta is a small, toy train type of vehicle that stops at different points in Bellagio. We enjoyed the journey and then rang the bell to get off at Villa Melzi.

Before we’d even walked to the villa, we saw there was steps down to a stony area by the water, where people were swimming and sunbathing. We headed down and spent close to an hour just relaxing and taking in the amazing scenery.

After enjoying some quiet time by the water, we walked up to Villa Melzi d’Eril which was created as a summer residence for Francesco Melzi d’Eril, the vice president of the Italian republic in the 1800s.

You can’t go inside the villa, but you can explore its wonderful gardens.

Villa Melzi is a place where you can easily lose track of time, discovering new beautiful areas amongst the grounds. We spent hours in the Villa Melzi Gardens and time just flew-by.

As the Gardens were closing, we walked back to the centre of Bellagio to walk around the pretty little streets some more.

Before later heading to Bar Splendide, a restaurant by the water. Despite being a tourist type of restaurant, the food was great! My mushroom risotto is hands down the best I’ve ever had.

After dinner we strolled along the waterfront, before getting a taxi back to our hotel, as all the boats had finished for the day. After the most perfect day in Bellagio, we climbed into bed ready for the next day.

23 thoughts on “Holiday to Lake Como-Visiting the Lakes Most Beautiful Village

  1. I really want to visit Italy someday. Thanks for providing even more inspiration. Even the weather looks great over there. Also, love your dress. You are so photogenic 🙂

    ❤ Alana

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You should. There’s so many amazing places to visit in Italy, it’s great😊 The weather was mostly in the mid-30’s when I went, so I think May/June is a nice time to go. July and August get a bit too hot. Aaw thank you. You’re too sweet😊💕 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmm the gnocchi / cheese & spinach ravioli look like plates of heaven! I looooove pasta!
    Lake Como is so picturesque, I can see why so many people flock there!
    Can you even imagine living there? It would be like being on holiday all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love pasta too! The pasta at this place was just the absolute freshest. It was so good, we went there three times in total!😊 It is absolutely gorgeous there. So beautiful. I know, there’s some really amazing houses around the lake. I looked in an estate agents window and the houses were super pricey. It must be so nice to live there though if you can afford too, as the scenery is the best x


  3. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them and I’m glad you had a wonderful trip! The weather looks delightful, when the weather is good your mood can reflect that 🙂 Your stripy dress and white shoe outfit is so cute x

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  4. Drooling seriously drooling! This has been on my bucket list for years! All of your pics especially the ones of Bellagio and the Villa are stunning! I am obsessed with gardens! Also those painted bottles of wine are SO cute! I would literally spend all my money on them! so pretty! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh girl you would love Como. It is so beautiful. Bellagio and the Villa there was really gorgeous and we was pretty much the only ones in Villa Melzi Gardens☺ They are super cute x

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  5. I adore the mountains in view of the lake, its so beautiful! What was the weather temperature there? Do people go swim in the water? I feel like its so beautiful that you’d want to just jump right in lol The gardens in the villa look like you’re in a movie or something, the pathways and walkways are so beautiful. Im just in awe at how peaceful and serene everything looks!

    xo, JJ

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    1. It was hot. Around 35°C most days☺ Near the villa people were swimming. The further down the lake you go, the cleaner the water. It’s pretty deep though, so the beachy bits along the water are best, as you’re not diving straight into deep water. The gardens were so gorgeous. We pretty much had the place to ourselves xx

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