June Favourites

June sped by so quickly, that I barely had time to discover new favourites! It’s a shorter list of favourites than usual, but here are five things I loved in June.

A Night Away at Brooklands Hotel

Me and partner stayed at Brooklands Hotel in Surrey for a weekend and it was amazing! We had the most gorgeous suite with it’s own private hallway and doorbell, a private decking area to sunbathe, freestanding bath and so much more.

I also had some spa treatments at the hotel and everything about our stay was just perfect. I’ll be doing a full post all about it soon.

Tony Moly Pudding Pudding Cacao Jelly Mask Sheet

I wont say too much about this sheet mask as I’ll be doing a full review on it soon, but I loved it! As it’s a Jelly Mask, it had an unusual texture and worked really well at reducing the size of my pores and brightening skin.

NYX SFX Set Loose Setting Powder

I bought this translucent setting powder in Milan and I’ve used it non-stop the past month! I saw a lot of great reviews for the NYX HD Powder, but it felt chalky and a bit drying when I tested it. I opted for this powder imstead, as it’s silky and finer in texture and is great for combination skin like mine.

C.O.Bigelow Vanillamint Supreme 2x Lip Shine

The blogger Stashy recently sent me a surprise package and one of the items inside was this lip product. Not only is it super moisturising and nourishing, but it leaves my mouth feeling fresh because of the mint. I absolutely love this, so thanks Stashy!

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Set

I’ve never tried The Body Shop’s Virgin Mojito products as they’ve always been sold out, but I managed to get my hands on this set of minis.

I love the fresh, clean scent of this range. The shower gel and body butter are amazing, but I didn’t love the scrub as The Body Shop’s ones are never my favourite. I’ve used all three products up already, so they’ll feature in my next Empties post.

So that’s my June Favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

23 thoughts on “June Favourites

  1. That nail polish!!! *heart eyes* I’m all about the sparkley nails but its so bittersweet because it’s usually such a pain to take off afterwards lol

    xo, JJ

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  2. How sweet of Stashy to send you a surprise package!!! So cute. I’ve been looking for nice places to stay in Surrey lately and not found anywhere that’s ticked my boxes but Brooklands Hotel sounds lush… I love the sound of the private doorbell haha and of course the bath and balcony! Amazing xx

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    1. It was really sweet of her. She included another lip product from Bath & Body Works that I love😊 Haha I had the same trouble before with Surrey. We went horse racing and wanted a nice hotel and the only one I loved was Brooklands😊💕 x

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      1. Oh yay that’s good!!! How exciting!! Yeah I couldn’t really see any hotels I liked the sound of, but I’m definitely gonna take on board your recommendation because it looks/ sounds lovely xx

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  3. Brooklands hotel looks absolutely amazing – I love all the little details like the rose-petals on the bathtub and the strawberries! This was a lovely post – it sounds like you found some pretty cool things in June!xx

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  4. I meant to ask, how did you come across the Brooklands Hotel? Was it just researching online? You really chose well!
    I’ve NOT seen that Tony Moly Pudding Jelly Mask and now I MUST get my hands on one to try! I think I’ll love it too!
    Ooooh yay yay yay you love the C.O.Bigelow Vanillamint too! I’ve turned so many people onto that lip balm. It’s a shame I don’t get any commission! 😆

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    1. Last year I booked horse racing as a Valentines gift for my partner and I also looked for a nice hotel in that area. We stayed at Brooklands but I didn’t know about the special suite we stayed in until after☺ So we had to go back. I hope you find it somewhere as I have no idea where to buy them! I might need another Italy trip to stock up on more Jelly Masks😂 Haha they need to start paying you for all the custom they’re getting now! It’s a great lip balm/gloss. It’s under my pillow as we speak😂 xx


  5. June did fly by! But I am so happy you had a great month! I love C.O. Bigelow products! And their lip she is the absolute best! I love the lemon one! I hope July is just as amazing for you beauty! ❤

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    1. Aaw thanks hun. It went really quick. This month is too! It’s a really great lip product. I’ll look out for the lemon one, as I LOVE lemony products😊 Thanks hun. I hope you’re having a great month xx

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