Face Inc Sheet Masks Review

In April, I saw Face Inc Sheet Masks in stores such as Debenhams and Boots for the first time.

Face Inc is a new skincare range by the well known company Nails Inc, which is the UK’s number one nail brand.

I picked up three of the four masks from Face Inc to try, buying all but the anti-ageing mask.

So here’s my thoughts on each.

The first mask that I tried out was Cat Nap.

Cat Nap is described as a brightening sheet mask that makes you look rested and is also meant to provide intense moisture whilst having a calming effect on skin.

I found that all three of the Face Inc masks were very saturated in serum, which made them a bit difficult to unfold. The fit of Cat Nap was a little off, as it came up a bit short at the top of my face, but it wasn’t terrible.

I had no reaction to this mask whilst wearing it or after.

So did it work? I first tried this mask when I was away on a UK break and was impressed, so I purchased two more the next day. However, now I’ve used all three Cat Nap masks, I’m less impressed.

This mask didn’t brighten my skin at all, but it did help get rid of dry patches. The main downside to this mask is that it’s only a temporary fix, as my skin only stayed hydrated for a couple of days. This is good if you need a quick fix for dry skin, but I wouldn’t repurchase.

The second mask that I tried was the Instant Detox.

This mask is described as being able to reverse and re-balance the effects of overindulgence, hydrate, calm and detox skin.

The fit of Instant Detox wasn’t great as the sheer amount of serum weighed the mask down, meaning it didn’t stay on well around the lower part of my face.

I had no reaction whilst wearing this mask.

Did it work? In a word, no! This was my least favourite mask out of the three as the serum kept dripping into my eyes and down my neck when I was using this, making it uncomfortable to wear.

I noticed no brightening and no detoxifying effects, but ironically for a detox mask, I suffered a breakout the day after using this. I definitely wouldn’t repurchase.

The third and final mask that I tried was the Flower Power one.

Flower Power is described as a hydrating sheet mask for dry and dehydrated skin and also contains lavender as an anti-inflammatory to calm skin.

The fit of this mask was the best of the three and the design of Flower Power was also my favourite.

I had no reaction whilst wearing this mask or after.

Did it work? Kind of. For a mask that’s supposed to be for dehydrated skin, it wasn’t particularly moisturising. My skin was slightly hydrated and less dry, but this mask didn’t do anything special. I wouldn’t repurchase this.

My overall thoughts? If I could sum up all three masks in one word, it would be disappointing. Each mask barely had any noticeable positive effects, if any. I’d advise Nails Inc to stick to what they know, rather than branching too much into skincare with their Face Inc line.

Have you tried any Face Inc masks?

13 thoughts on “Face Inc Sheet Masks Review

  1. You really get a lot of comments from people who seemingly haven’t noticed your negative reviews πŸ˜› I read about these the other day but I’m glad I can save my money now after your review!

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    1. πŸ˜‚ I know. Yes don’t waste your money! There’s much better masks out there. I’ve got more reviews the next two days. I try to give honest feedback as there’s a lot of dud masks out there xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Never heard of Face Inc masks before until your post! That flower one is really eye catching – too bad it’s not stellar. I guess Nails Inc thought they could capitalize on the sheet mask trend!

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    1. They’re pretty new. I only started seeing these in stores around April time and now they’re sold in quite a few places here. The Flower one does look cool! Yes definitely. I’m not a big fan of their nail polishes as they don’t last well on me, but the skin care from them really is weak. I think they do those glove masks for hands etc, so they are jumping on the fact that masks are popular xx


  3. Oh these masks crack me up πŸ˜‚ Not really a fan of the way they’re designed tbh, I prefer plain ones these are so weird πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love nails inc but i definitely wouldn’t bother trying face inc after your reviews! Can’t wait to see more face mask reviews πŸ˜€

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  4. You are queen of face masks I love these reviews because I’m definitely not brave enough to try different ones (this girls got super sensitive skin). I have to give them credit for being creative with the look of their masks but its unfortunate that they’re all mediocre at best. I hate when masks are overly saturated with serum I hate when it’s like dripping down into my eyes or down my neck, I get so annoyed with that lol When will someone make a good face mask!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Haha thanks hun! Aaw no that sucks, my skin is reasonably sensitive too. They are creative! I have some real interesting ones to try in the future☺ I agree. So many masks that do very little. Eurgh too much serum is a real hate of mine too. The Detox one was real bad for that! It was dripping in my eyes, down my neck. I hated it straight away for thatπŸ˜‚ xx

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