Slice Sheet Masks Review

A few months back, I picked up two Kocostar Slice Masks from Urban Outfitters.

I’d been keen to try Slice Masks for a while after seeing them on social media, so I was super happy to finally see some when I was out shopping.

Whilst a regular sheet mask is one piece that covers your whole face, Slice Masks are small, peel off pieces of face mask that you apply to areas where you need them. For example, if only certain parts of your face are dry, you can apply the slices on just the areas that need it.

So here’s my thoughts on both masks.

The packaging of both face masks instantly drew me in, as they looked colourful, refreshing and summery.

I tried the Cucumber mask first, which is described as containing vitamin C for superior skin hydration. As both masks said they’re good for hydration, I took them on holiday with me to Italy.

In each pack you get twelve slices of sheet mask, as it’s a double sided sheet. They contain quite a lot of serum, but the slices do feel thin and flimsy.

I suffered no irritation whilst wearing this mask or after.

Once applied on to my face, the slices stayed in place pretty well but dried up quickly.

They look pretty comical when worn, as they look more like a Snapchat filter than a real mask, so I did find these amusing to use.

So did it work? Yes. I used this mask on my first night in Italy and it did help. My skin always gets dry after any flight and this did hydrate my skin. However, I don’t agree with its claims of superior hydration as it only offered a fairly basic level of hydration and moisture to my skin and the effects only lasted around four days. 

The second Slice Mask I got was the Watermelon one.

As with the Cucumber mask, you get twelve slices of mask per pack and I suffered no irritation whilst using it or after.

Both masks are similar in what they claim to do, as this mask is described as hydrating and refreshing.

Once applied the slices stayed in place, but did dry out quickly. I didn’t find the Watermelon mask as aesthetically pleasing as the Cucumber one, but it still looked pretty funny when worn.

So did it work? Yes. I used this towards of my Italy trip and it did provide a small amount of hydration and moisture, but it didn’t leave my skin feeling refreshed. I didn’t find that this mask worked as well as the Cucumber one, as the effects from this mask only lasted two days.

My overall thoughts? These Slice Masks were fun to use, but I didn’t love them. The quality of the masks was poor and the overall effect they had on my skin was minimal. I’d potentially try Slice Masks again from another brand, but Kocostar’s ones didn’t wow me.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any Slice Masks.

20 thoughts on “Slice Sheet Masks Review

    1. Haha they are gimmicky but even though it didn’t work great, it made me laugh😊 Plus my partners reaction was priceless. He said what’s that, why’s there cucumber on your face😂😂 Did the A’pieu one work well for you hun? X


  1. Oh whatt!!! I’ve never seen face masks like that- it’s kind of cool! The one thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t fully cover all spots of your face I guess you just have to decide where you need it the most. I feel like I’d want to try them just because its different but at the same time it seems like its not fully worth it. I’m seriously rooting and dying for you to find the perfect face mask after all these trials. It’s like “Say YES to the face mask” instead of “Say Yes to the Dress” lol

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is pretty cool😊 They don’t cover your whole face, but I guess they’re just for the problem areas like any dry patches etc☺ Haha girl you make me laugh! I’ll keep trying. I will say Yes to a face mask at some point😂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What an interesting concept! I would have thought they were for the eyes if I just saw the cut outs. Personally, I think these are gimmicky – plus, I’d need a LOT more slices to cover my face! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha they do look like they’re for the eyes! I know they’re just for the parts of your face that need it, but you’re right. My nose was dry so I used 3 or 4 slices just for that. Imagine how many you’d need for a whole face😂 x


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