Tony Moly Pudding Pudding Mask Review

When I was on holiday in Milan, I bought two Tony Moly Sheet Masks that I’d never seen before.

I got one Cacao and one Chamomile Pudding Pudding Jelly Sheet Mask from Sephora.

So here’s my thoughts on both masks.

The first one that I tried was the Cacao mask, which is for reducing pores.

The name of these masks and the jelly picture on the packaging instantly drew me in, as I’d never tried a Jelly Sheet Mask before.

Upon opening the packaging, I could instantly see and feel the difference with these face masks. Whilst other sheet masks feel wet with serum, these masks were covered in a much thicker, jelly like substance.

It was difficult to unfold the mask as it was a bit wet and gloopy, but once applied on to my face it felt comfortable and fitted well.

I suffered no reaction whilst wearing this mask or after.

So did it work? I’m pleased to say yes! My pores are usually only noticeable on my nose, but before using this they also looked larger and more prominent on my cheeks and chin.

The day after using this mask, I noticed a slight reduction in the size of my pores and how noticeable they were. Over the course of the week, they shrunk more and more and my skin looked bright and glowing. I’ve never had better results day after day from a mask, but this one was fantastic and had lasting results.

The second mask that I tried was the Chamomile one and after being super impressed by the Cacao mask, I had very high expectations.

The Chamomile mask is a hydrating and calming sheet mask.

It had the same appearance and texture as the Cacao mask and I suffered no reactions whilst using it or after.

I completely forgot to take a photo of me using the Chamomile mask, but it had the same fit and was comfortable to wear.

So did it work? Kind of. Initially my skin was lightly hydrated and moisturised, but the effects only lasted two days. I was pretty disappointed in this mask as the Cacao one just got better and better, whilst this one did very little.

My overall thoughts? Not only was these masks fun to try due to the unusual texture, but I absolutely loved the Cacao pore mask! I would definitely repurchase it again, but I wouldn’t rebuy the Chamomile mask as the results weren’t impressive enough for me.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried a Jelly Sheet Mask.

25 thoughts on “Tony Moly Pudding Pudding Mask Review

  1. Oh these look fun and yay, ones you finally like. When I first read this I thought you said the mask made your pores look more prominent after use and I was like what, why would you want that but then I re-read it and clocked you said before. Opps hahaha. I’m not sure how I’d feel about a jelly mask but I’d definitely be up for trying the Cacao one after your review, it sounds amazing! I’ll look at the rest of their range too for sure to see if there are any others which would suit my skin type xx

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    1. I know, finally a mask that worked for me😊😂 Haha yes I definitely don’t want more prominent pores. It is a weird texture at first, but you do get used to it quickly☺ What skin type do you have hun? Xx


      1. Yay finally!!! No way, I literally read it like oh I don’t understand why she’s raving about it creating more pores then I clocked. Too funny!! Ah well I will definitely give these a try when I come across them, the names pretty easy to remember. My skins more on the normal – dry side, I like brightening masks and ones that are designed to remove dirt, that kinda thing x

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      2. Aah I have combination skin so I use all masks for brightening, hydration, blemishes etc. I like Lusg’s Catastrophe Cosmetics Mask as it’s good for brightening😊 xx


  2. I haven’t seen these before but now I want to try them. I do love Tony Moly sheet masks, though I probably have too many already, but I’ve never tried a jelly one and these sound interesting. Plus anything Tony Moly is always cute 😍

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  3. I purchase korean masks so frequently, i’m surprised I haven’t heard of these! Will definitely have to try them out myself to see how they work! xx

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  4. I’ve never tried a sheet mask let alone a jelly sheet mask! These sound like a lot of fun and I’m glad they worked for you. Sounds like these were loads better than the Estee Lauder mask lol 😛 x

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  5. Wow I’m impressed with the Cacao one for having lasting results even the next day! I feel like I need to get this for my boyfriend, he uses everything but nothing helps minimize them (poor guy) lol I’ll see if I can find some of these on amazon!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. I know I finally said yes to the mask!😊 It was a great mask. My partner needs this too. He suffers stubborn, dry pores so I wish I’d bought more! If you buy some let me know how your boyfriend gets on with them😊 Fingers crossed they work x

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