My Italian Shopping Haul

In my last blog, I wrote all about what I bought in Sephora Italy, but that was only part of my shopping haul! So here’s a look at everything else I purchased whilst on my Italian holiday.


I only bought one item of clothing whilst in Milan and it’s this long sleeved, stripy top from Zara. I’ve already worn it loads and it’s currently one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.


As we only have (messy) NYX counters in the UK but no proper stores, I took advantage of the fact that Milan had a large store with some products I’d not seen before. So here’s what I got in NYX.

Total Control Drop Foundation

Shine Killer Primer

Prismatic Eyeshadow in Golden Peach

Face and Body Glitter in Teal

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Tea Rose

Nail Lacquer in the shade Boisterous

Physicians Formula

I’d seen this brand mentioned before, especially on other blogs but never saw it to buy. In Milan I saw Physicians Formula sold in several stores, so I picked up two items to try.

Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush in Rose and Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara

Glossip Milano

Glossip is an Italian brand that sells affordable makeup. I bought three of their lip glosses.

Soothing Effect Gloss Oils in Pink Mood and Wild Berries Shake

Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Echo, The Voice

Deborah Milano

Another affordable Italian brand is Deborah, which had a great selection of products. I picked up this pretty blush/highlighter.

Duo Blush & Highlighter


Pupa is an Italian brand that are well known for their super cute and fun packaging.

Hello, Princess Makeup Kit

Pupart XX-Large Makeup Kit

Bath & Body Works

Whilst the Italian Bath & Body Works doesn’t do a lot of the US ranges, I still bought an amazing smelling candle and a bath fizzer.

Limoncello 3-Wick Candle

Wildberry & Chamomile Bath Fizzy

Food and Drink

In Bellagio (Lake Como), I got this gorgeous hand-painted bottle of Limoncello.

And some mushroom risotto rice.

And finally, the one item I bought in Switzerland!

Bat Night Pack Sheet Mask

So that’s my Italian/Swiss shopping haul complete. Let me know which items are your favourites.

22 thoughts on “My Italian Shopping Haul

  1. Oh Dani you are the shopping queen!!!!! You always come back from holiday with such amazing stuff and a lot of stuff at that! I love the top for Zara, so many good finds in that store! Also is that candle the bath and body works limoncello?! I love lemon everything I bet that smells so good, perfect summery scent!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Haha thanks hun!😊 Italy had some seriously good shopping! I love the Zara top. It just goes with jeans, shorts, all looks. It is a Bath & Body Works Limoncello candle and it smells so good. I love lemon and citrus scents too😊 xx

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  2. You bought so much, that Pupa stuff looks so cute. I had no idea NYX sold nail polishes, none of the counters here in the UK stock them as far as I’m aware? That Limoncello bottle is beautiful, a great keepsake especially, what actually is it though, a drink?

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    1. It is really cute isn’t it😊 I don’t think I’ve seen them over in the UK either. There was a lot of sets and other stuff I’d not seen before. It is a drink hun. A lemon liqueur drink that we buy everytime we’re in Italy. You’ll see it when you’re there☺ You only have small shots of it, usually after dinner to cleanse your palate😊 xx

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      1. Yeah the packaging is adorable. I can see why its so popular!! Ohh okay, I thought so but wasn’t sure! Is it really strong if its lemony? I can imagine it being quite sour- probably why you only have a small shot of it ha ha. I’ll have to try some when I go! Hope you’re having a fab time in Tenerife xx

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  3. Ooh how did I miss this post! ❤
    Did you find Physician's Formula items to be expensive in Italy? I find them expensive here but I wonder if they're less elsewhere.
    Glossip Milano looks like a great brand – reminds me a bit of NYX.
    Those Pupa special packaging are always so cute. I saw a cat one when I was in Venice.
    I bet Swiss prices were outrageous! The bat mask is so intriguing.

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    1. Some products were pricey like the cost of high end makeup, but other things were priced more like drugstore pricing. A bit mixed really. So far I’m really loving Glossip. They gave me a free liquid eyeliner and it’s great! The packaging is so cute😊 Oh yeah Swiss prices are high. Everything was at least double the price of what you pay in Italy! X

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