My Holiday to Tenerife-Feeding Monkeys & Riding Camels

On our first full day in Tenerife, we started with breakfast.

The breakfast room.

Pastries, followed by beans on toast and hash browns for me.

Breakfast at our hotel was pretty pricey as it was €12 a day, per person, but the selection was fantastic and we filled up so much we could skip lunch every day.

After breakfast, we took a taxi to the nearby Monkey Park.

The great thing about the Monkey Park was that you could feed most of the animals with feed you buy at the start of the park or take in foods approved by the park.

Me trying to feed a monkey.

I have to say that monkeys are fussier animals than I expected, either that or they wasn’t impressed by the foods I had to offer!

However, the guinea pigs were more easily pleased.

I could have spent all day feeding these little cuties.

Queen of the guinea pigs.

Other animals at the park.

After a great morning at the Monkey Park, we took another short taxi ride to the Camel Park.

I got very few photos, but it was a lot of fun! We did a thirty minute camel ride up hills and through beautiful desert scenery, with mountains as the backdrop.

After our camel trek, we relaxed at the park for a while drinking sangria and fizzy orange.

Before heading back to our hotel.

We played on the pool tables and took advantage of the mini golf on-site.

The rather beautiful golf course.

After I won golf, we freshened up in our apartment and headed back out for dinner.

We decided to try out the hotel restaurant and sat outside for the views.

I had a vegetable lasagne and my partner had spinach and ricotta ravioli, we also shared some courgettes coated in breadcrumbs. The food was pretty good, as were the cocktails.

After dinner, we had some more cocktails outside and watched the sun set.

We finished our cocktails, played some more pool and watched the hotel entertainment, before going back to our apartment ready for day three.

24 thoughts on “My Holiday to Tenerife-Feeding Monkeys & Riding Camels

  1. I get more and more jealous of you! Seeing your beautiful pictures, reading all of this and following your instagram has made me crave a holiday. I’m so glad you that always enjoy yourself xx

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Unfortunately not allowed to plan any until I get my diagnosis about my seizures, so until then, I am using your pictures to take me away 🙈 xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh your pictures! Your breakfast looked amazing! And those monkeys! Also I love that you got to take a camel ride lastly the views from your hotel are incredible! The picture you took at dinner look like they belong in a magazine! Stunning! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tenerife sounds amazing and your hotel looks beaut 😍 The monkey park sounds so so cool, I’d love to feed the monkeys even if they are a little fussy 🙈 Guinea pigs kind of creep me out but I’m glad you loved it. The camel ride sounds so much fun too- and sometimes the best times are the ones you don’t get a lot of photos of! I love how you made sure you got it in there that you won mini golf, so funny 😂 Sounds like the perfect day Hun! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved Tenerife so much!💕 The hotel was super nice. If we go back to Tenerife I’d stay there again😊 Haha I love rodenty animals like guinea pigs and hamsters. The monkeys were cute. I think they prefer grapes anf other fruits. I guess they didn’t like what we had to offer☺ The camel park was fun! I always forget how uncomfortable a camel ride is but we didn’t stop laughing the whole time😊 Haha of course. I won mini golf again today. Got to get that in😂 Thanks hun. It was great xx


      1. It looks so luxurious! Oh I really don’t!! There’s just something about them but at least you do 😂 Okay I will bare that in mind if I ever go!! I’ll get some grapes lol. Very picky monkeys! I’ve never been on one, that sounds funny though. Loool well done Hun 😂 Mini golf pro over here 😅 Xx

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      2. It was! Just such a lovely hotel and relaxing there too. Haha my bf’s mum hates rodent animals so I haven’t showed her them pics😂 Lol yes take grapes. They didn’t like the peaches I bought considering the Monkey Park people said they like them! Haha total expert at mini golf😂 xx


  4. Wow look at all those guinea pigs! ❤ I had one as a pet for all of one week – turned out my sister was extremely allergic. Sadly, "Freddie" had to go back…
    I can understand why the monkeys were picky – I bet they snatch human food all the time and have turned off from "pet" food. 😛
    That's neat you rode a camel – I would have thought you would have hopped on his back between his humps!
    The pool side sunset looks so relaxing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw I had two as a kid but sadly they both had health problems, so we didn’t have them long. I find them super sweet though☺ Haha that’s true. We bought food from the Monkey Park but also took our own fruit like peaches. Supposedly they like them but they didn’t eat a single one! Haha we rode a camel in Cyprus on the humps and it was so scary. When it sat down I thought I was going to fall off😂 This ride was uncomfortable but not as scary. It was. There was a beautiful sunset every night in Tenerife😊 xx


  5. Ahh the pool area looks sooo amazing! I swear I’d want to spend half my vacation just sitting my bum on one of those chairs and sun tan lolol Omg the guinea pigs are soooo adorable. Those pictures of you feeding them is the sweetest and cutest sight ever! I also love your purse that is a gorgeous bag!!!!!

    xo, JJ

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