My Holiday to Tenerife-Swimming and Spa Days

On our third day in Tenerife, we started with another great breakfast in our hotel.

Before heading to the pool.

Where we spent most of the day relaxing.

A Slushie drink to keep us cool.

After a day of sunbathing and swimming, I headed to the hotel spa.

The spa is an outdoor private hut and whilst my head massage was done in private, I had a manicure and pedicure sitting outside in the sun.

On my hands, I had the shade Space Glam from Essences Out of Space Stories collection and Beam Me Up from the same collection on my toes.

After the most relaxing of days, we freshened up and took a taxi to the town of Los Cristianos for dinner.

We ate at the restaurant Pizza Y Pasta and the food was great! It’s not often that pizza tastes authentically Italian outside of Italy, but the food was fantastic.

After a feast of pizza and prosecco, we got a taxi back to our hotel, ready for day four.

26 thoughts on “My Holiday to Tenerife-Swimming and Spa Days

  1. Delicious and gorgeous views and great nail color! 😀

    PS – my blog is up and running again because I missed sharing my life with awesome people like you if you wanna stop by again!! ❤

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  2. Call me weird but I always like hotel breakfast buffets – they always include such yummy baked goods. 😛
    I’ve never had a mani / pedi out in the sun – that must have been such a nice experience!

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  3. I love that nail polish colour, so pretty!! I bet the head massage was lovely, I’ve never had one before, are they like when you get your hair washed at the hairdressers?? That pizza looks delicious, I swear your posts always make me hungry 😂

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    1. Aaw thank you, it is a lovely colour😊 It is a bit, but they also massaged my neck, back and shoulders. The head massage itself is like at the hairdressers. Haha that’s ‘cos I always post about food😂 x

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  4. Girl that mani and pedi is on point!!!!! Spa day sounds amazing I love getting pampered especially on vacation it makes it feel a little extra special and relaxing! Love your bathing suit so much too.

    xo, JJ

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