Early Birthday Celebrations

The past few years I’ve been away for my actual birthday, so the weekend before my big day, I have some early celebrations so my family and my partner’s family are involved.

And this year’s no different! Today, me and my partner go away to Norway, just in time for my birthday tomorrow.

So I thought I’d share some photos of my pre-birthday pampering and celebrations from the weekend.


On Saturday I had my hair freshly cut and coloured.

Going from blonde.

To purple.

I like to get all my pampering and treatments in, so I feel good for my special day.

After getting my hair done, I headed home to spend some time with my family and boyfriend.

Where we had my birthday cake. My boyfriend had my cake made by Sandro’s Cakery and it was gorgeous, a real work of art.

After celebrating with my family, we headed to my partner’s house and spent some time with his family.


On Sunday, me and my partner drove to Thorpe Bay which is around an hour away. I had a day of spa treatments booked at Roslin Beach Hotel, an early present from my boyfriend.

I had a full body lava shell massage, a tightening and toning body treatment and a facial.

As well as a pedicure.

Glowing after my spa day.

It was the first time I’d been to the Roslin Beach Hotel and it’s a gorgeous, boutique style hotel with a great spa.


My final bit of pre-birthday pampering was having my nails done. I haven’t had gel nails or anything like that for years, but I had Shellac Rockstar nails done at a place close to where I live. Not only was it super quick having them done, but I’m in love with how glittery and sparkly they are.

So that’s all of my early birthday celebrations. Let me know what you’ve been up to lately.

48 thoughts on “Early Birthday Celebrations

  1. Happy Early birthday sweets! i am glad you are celebrating in style! Oh my gosh Norway! ❤ ! I can not wait to read all about it! So much fun! That cake looked amazing! Definitely a piece of art! I hope you have the bets day tomorrow sweets! ❤

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  2. I’m loving the purple hair, it looks so good on you and that cake looks so delicious!!! I need. The spa day sounds amazing, with lots of lovely treatments especially the lava shell massage. Hope you have a lovely holiday and birthday hun X

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