My Holiday To Norway-Arriving in Bergen

Last week me and my partner headed off to Norway for five days and our trip started in Bergen, Norway’s second largest city.

We started the day with a McDonald’s breakfast.

Before heading off to the airport.

Us in the airport.

Before getting on the plane for the short flight to Norway.

The view from the plane, as we flew over Bergen.

Once we arrived at Bergen airport, we took a taxi to the apartment we’d booked through Airbnb.

The beautiful streets leading to our apartment.

And the quaint, cobbled street where our apartment was situated.

Inside our apartment.

I was super impressed by the apartment as it was cosy, had everything we needed including a cute little outdoor area and it quickly felt like home.

It was also set in a really stunning area of Bergen, that was peaceful yet not far from the centre of the city.

After checking out the apartment and unpacking, we walked around the city.

The Harbour front.

The downtown area of Bergen, with street art.

And a McDonald’s in the most gorgeous building.

Where I tried a Veggie McSpice, a Norway special which was pretty good.

After a wander around the city, we took the Fløibanen Funicular up to the top of Fløyen Mountain just in time for sunset.

View from the top of Fløyen Mountain.

We admired the sunset and Bergen’s beauty from every angle, before wandering around Fløyen Mountain, where we found a gift shop.

I loved this Norway hat in the store.

And near the outside play area was a giant troll! Trolls are often featured in Norwegian tales and folklore.

Once we’d explored Fløyen, we took the funicular back down and grabbed some food.

We’d been snacking all day on cinnamon rolls, sweets and more, so we opted for something casual rather than a proper meal.

We both got the veggie burrito at Los Tacos and it was huge and tasty! Definitely a meal on its own.

After a great first day, we headed back to our apartment to get some rest before day two, my birthday.

38 thoughts on “My Holiday To Norway-Arriving in Bergen

  1. I lovee your eye make up so much, you look so pretty!!!! The airbnb you guys stay at is impressive, I love the location and how the little houses on the cobblestone look, that street is so cute and quaint! The views from the mountain are unreal!!!! I love aerial views overlooking cities they’re truly a sight to see! How long of the flight was it for you guys?

    xo, JJ

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    1. Aaw thanks hun😊 I really loved the apartment. It was super cute and cosy and it was on the most beautiful street☺ The views from the mountain were so beautiful💕 The flight to Norway was pretty quick, less than two hours😊 The Spanish and Greek Islands are the further away parts of Europe, it can take 4-5 hours xx

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  2. Dude…so many comments. That’s the cutest McD’s ever haha! What was that drink next to the McSpice thing LOL?

    Bergen looks amazing and so does the other place I can’t pronounce hahaha. Seriously what a good vacation.

    And said no Juan ever – I’m dying. I dated 3 Juan’s in a row here and I wasn’t even a big dater. Then we started saying I’m dating everyjuan and there was the Juan who stole Christmas, the Juan who saved Christmas, the disappearing Juan, etc.! I’m sending that pic to everyone hahahaha!

    PS- I no longer date things called Juan or Steve 😉

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  3. Have you been to Norway before?? It looks beautiful, those street up to your apartment are super cute! I’m loving all the beautiful street art, especially ‘there are a lot of good people’! So thought provoking when you walk fast, like yes there are and it’s good to focus on that! That Norwegian hat actually really suits you and looks so cosy, did you buy it?? Can’t wait to read about the rest of your adventures! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t, it was our first visit☺ The streets around our apartment were so cute! I really love street art and that was a really nice, positive piece😊 I loved the hat but I didn’t buy it! I wasn’t sure if I’d wear it, but I kind of wish I’d got it🙈Aaw thanks hun xx


      1. How exciting. You’ve definitely smashed your new years res then!! Yes, and its so nice to see something positive for a change. Very lovely 🙂 Ohh yeah I know the ones, well its just an excuse for you to go back now! xx

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      2. Erm I think we’re planning this weekend for our next break. So hopefully yes😊 For my birthday I wanted somewhere scenic, chilled out and not too hot. We looked at Sweden or Norway, but I wanted to spend my birthday in Bergen as it was a place on my list😊 xx


  4. Norway is the final country in that area of the world that we need to visit! I’ve seen and heard such good things and your photos just confirms it!
    What a lovely apartment you rented – looks like the perfect “home” away from home.
    It’s so odd to see a McDonald’s in a traditional building like that! I also like to try the local McD specials – so interesting to see the local preferences.
    What gorgeous sunset! 😀
    PS. Really love your eye makeup at the airport. 🙂

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    1. Aaw welk if you liked the other Scandi/Nordic countries, you’ll love Norway😊 It was so cosy where we stayed. It really did feel like home and it was in a gorgeous part of the city. I know, Bergen has so many lovely buildings. There was a Starbucks in an old church, with stained glass windows☺ Me too! Tenerife had no veggie options, so I was happy Norway did! My partner had a chicken burger with nachos in that he liked there. We got the funicular up just in time for that beautiful sunset😊 Aaw thank you xx


  5. Lovely post! I’ve been seeing a lot of Norway lately, and it looks like such a great place to visit! The street art looked impressive, but my favorite was the large neon sign!

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  6. I have never been to Norway, but have always heard amazing things about it! Your pictures are so stunning! Those streets are like something out of a Hans Christian Andersen tale! So picturesque! ❤

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    1. It was such a lovely apartment. Really cute and cosy inside and on the prettiest street😊 The view from the mountain was gorgeous. I could have spent hours up there, as it was so peaceful xx


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