My Holiday To Norway-Celebrating My Birthday

On our second day in Norway, it was my 28th birthday!

I lazed in until 10am, whilst my partner popped to Godt Brød Bakery.

He came back with cinnamon rolls, custard cinnamon rolls and delicious coconut and custard cakes. He also got some cherries as I fancied fruit and some fresh orange juice, which I had in my new cup.

All of which was delicious! We saved some of the cakes for later as they was so filling.

And then it was time for presents!

I asked my family mostly for money rather than presents, as I want to go shopping for some new clothes and other pieces.

But my partner went all out on gifts.

He knows I love beauty products, face masks and bath bits, so I’m super excited to use all my gifts from him. He also bought me this really beautiful silver ring, which I tried on when we was away in Caister recently.

(I’ll be doing a post on all my presents soon).

After a lovely, relaxed morning, we walked to the Harbour area of Bergen to take a three hour boat tour to Mostraumen and back.

The weather was a bit wild and windy, but somehow it felt refreshing. We was cruising through the sea, through fjords and mountains and it felt amazing to be at one with nature.

One of the highlights of the trip was getting up close to a waterfall, where fresh mountain water was collected in a bucket. Cups of the fresh water was handed out and it tasted amazing!

After a fantastic three hours on the water, we was back in Bergen. As the rain persisted, we got a taxi straight to Vestkanten for the next part of my birthday celebrations.

Vestkanten is a shopping centre with other indoor activities such as bowling and ice skating. We browsed the shops for a while, before playing three games of bowling, two of which I won!

I wanted to go bowling for my birthday as we hadn’t been for a while and it was a lot of fun.

After bowling, we ate at nearby Peppes Pizza. We ordered a pizza each and I got a mixed veggie one with avocados.

We also got a side of Dirty Potatoes, which was potato wedges with sour cream and salsa, which was delicious.

After a fun evening, we got a taxi back to our apartment. We spent the evening watching new TV shows and eating birthday cake.

My partner ordered my cake from the bakery Lie Nielsen and collected it in the morning when he got breakfast.

It was a soft sponge cake, with fruit and cream that just melted in the mouth. It was a really beautiful cake.

We stayed up until the early hours before heading to bed, ready for day three.

26 thoughts on “My Holiday To Norway-Celebrating My Birthday

  1. All your gifts and cards look beautiful, lucky lady! Can’t wait to read that post! I am terrible at ten pin bowling, how did you go? Did you win? What nail polish are you wearing in the photo of the ring? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thanks hun. I have a lot of things to take photos of for my birthday haul☺ I won two out of the three games! I’m either great or awful at bowling, but I got strikes and all sorts! Must have been birthday luck😊 I had gel nails done before going away. So I had Shellac Rockstar nails, which is an all over glitter. It’s the prettiest silver as it has different colours running through it☺ I wish I could get a regular nail polish like it xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s really pretty😊 I don’t think so. It doesn’t damage your nails like acrylic and you can pick/peel it off once it grows out. It’s best to have it removed properly I guess, but it’s like a gel nail polish really xx

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  2. I love peppes! They make a killer cheeseless calzone. 😍 your birthday cake looked really pretty! It’s called bløtkake, which literally means soft cake in English 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yum! I should have tried that too😍 On the pizzas is the sauce different? It had a aniseed tomato taste that was a bit different☺ Haha well that makes sense, since it really was a soft cake😂 It was delicious xx


  3. Happy birthday 🙂 Norway is a lovely place! I went to Oslo and the southern part (Fredrikstadt) last year and it was wonderful. Me and my friend are planning a trip to the west coast and North when we’re both earning and can afford it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you😊 Aaw we went to Oslo after Bergen☺ I’m glad you liked it. Yes that will be great! There’s so many gorgeous places along the coast, I’d love to go back and explore them too😊 xx

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  4. Your Holo nails are fabulous, look really nice against the opal ring!
    Norway is on our hitlist of places to visit – glad you had a fabulous time! Well done on winning bowling – sometimes we play and I’m really good, other times we go and I basically throw it at the roof!
    I still can’t get over that you’re 28, I thought you were around 20/21!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you. They really go well with the opal ring😊 I loved Norway, it’s gorgeous just very expensive! Haha yes I’m either great or completely awful at bowling, but I clearly had a good day for once😂☺ Really? Haha I love that! I know people often think I’m younger, so I’ve always wondered what age people think I look xx


  5. So sweet of your SO to provide such a succulent spread of sweets on your birthday morning!
    I can’t believe he lugged all of those presents with him to Norway! Mine would have said, open them when we get home! 😛 The ring he got you is so pretty – I love opals! And so thoughtful that he got a cake too.
    The boat ride looks lovely – I would love to taste the fresh mountain water! 😀
    I haven’t gone bowling in years – always a fun time although I can barely hold a 10 pin bowling ball!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He did so well. It was a great breakfast😊 He got us lunch in the bakery too, fresh rolls etc to eat on the boat. Haha the last 4 years we’ve been away for my birthday and he always takes a smaller suitcase just for my gifts. It’s probably crazy, but I like opening them on the day😂☺ I love opals too. In the light you can see different colours running through it. The cake was really good! He’s always adamant I need a cake on my actual birthday as well as my early one, not that I’m complaining😉 The boat ride was beautiful and the water was icy cold and fresh😊 Haha well I’m either amazing or useless at bowling, but I enjoy it. I don’t go often enough😊 xx


  6. Sounds like the perfect birthday, and I love that cup. Definitely perfect to have your morning drink in 🙂 Loving all the food, once again making me hungry and the boat trip sounds amazing. I would love to have tasted the water from the waterfall. Can’t wait to read all about your birthday presents 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw I had a lovely birthday😊 The cup is great. We saw it the day before my birthday and it seemed like the perfect birthday cup☺ The boat trip was so nice. It just felt so refreshing the wind blowing, waterfalls, etc😊 And trying water straight from a waterfall was great! Aaw thanks hun x


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