July & August Favourites

With so many travel and other posts to get up, I’ve fallen behind on other posts such as my favourites. So here’s a look at my July and August Favourites.

Holiday to Tenerife

Late July me and my partner went to the Spanish island of Tenerife for a five night break. We had amazing weather, relaxing beach and pool days, as well as fun day trips out.

The Body Shop Bronzer in Warm Glow

Most of the year I’m a blusher kind of girl, but throughout the summer I used this bronzer on my cheeks non-stop. It has a soft shimmer to it, so as well as looking good with a tan, it also makes my skin look brighter and glowing.

Glossip Black Eyeliner Pen Water Resistant Darkness

When I was in Italy a few months back, I visited the Glossip makeup shop. I purchased a few items and got this eyeliner for free. I’m super fussy with eyeliners and for that reason rarely wear any, but this has got me back into enjoying eyeliner! 

It’s easy to use, long-wearing and the pen hasn’t dried out after several months of using it, unlike some others I’ve tried.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Diamond Dust

One of my most used products the past few months has been this Stila glitter, which I’ve been wearing on the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop. Diamond Dust is a pretty silver that works well with most eye shadow looks.

Family Holiday to Caister

Early August I went on a family trip to Caister and my partner also joined us for a few days. We played mini golf, went to the beach, an animal park and much more.

Shellac Rockstar Nails

I’m super lazy when it comes to painting my nails, so lately I’ve been having Shellac Gel applied. As a glitter obsessive, I’ve been opting for Rockstar Nails which is all over glitter. Both the pink and silver have been holographic glitters with different colours running through them which I just love.

Purple Hair

Just before my birthday, I had my hair tinted purple and I think it’s my favourite ever hair look on me. I’ve had fun experimenting with different temporary hair colours lately.

Early Birthday Celebrations

As we went away for my actual birthday, I had some early celebrations at home with my loved ones. My partner got the most beautiful cake made for me, with real flowers.

Early Birthday Spa Day

Before my birthday each year, I ask for one of my presents to be a spa day. I had a lovely time trying out a new spa and having four relaxing treatments.

Holiday to Norway

The day before my birthday we headed to Norway, where we visited the cities of Bergen and Oslo. Norway was gorgeous, with stunning scenery and great museums.

My 28th Birthday

I was in the city of Bergen for my birthday and we started the day with a delicious breakfast from a local bakery. I opened all of my presents, we did a boat tour through the fjords and mountains, played bowling, ate out and I had a second birthday cake. The perfect day.

So that’s all of my favourites from the past couple of months. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

30 thoughts on “July & August Favourites

  1. That bronzer from The Body Shop looks really nice, are they a new product? I love the Stila eyeshadow too, it looks lovely on you and like you say it goes with a number of eye looks! I love all your travel pictures as you know and I’m glad you had a great birthday ❤ x

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    1. It is a lovely bronzer😊 I think I bought it last summer and I mostly use it in the warmer months☺ Aaw thank you. It does go with so many makeup looks and even brightens up your eyes if you’re not wearing much eye makeup. Thank hun, I had a lovely birthday😊 xx

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  2. Summer months are always so crazy! No matter how much I TRY to prepare I always fall behind! I loved reminiscing your August and July favorites though! You went on such amazing trips! And girl you got some amazing manicures! I hope September is an equally amazing month! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Haha it’s so hard. There’s so much happening in summer and I just want to be outdoors, so I’m just catching up now. I’m glad you enjoyed looking at my last couple of months, they were such fun with lots of great trips😊 Aaw thanks lovely. I hope this month is amazing for you😊💕xx

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  3. I love how you are such an avid traveler ✨and how you descibe everything in such detail and accompany it with great pics it’s like being there and enjoying it 😘

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  4. That Stila Diamond Dust eye shadow is just beautiful, definitely does the best job at making your eyes pop. So pretty! Loving the purple hair also and the body shop bronzer looks pretty too. I’ve never used their makeup before but that does look good xx

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