New Year’s Resolutions-Four Month Update

I’ve been pretty slack the past few months when it comes to giving updates on my New Year’s Resolutions. So here’s a look at how I got on over the summer months.

1-Start to exercise more

This resolution well and truly fell by the wayside throughout summer, as I was away a lot. Other than walking and the occasional bit of swimming, I barely exercised at all.

However, September was a month for me to catch up on all the things I’d neglected, one of those things being exercise. I managed to go to the gym 2-3 times per week and felt better for it.

2-Eat Healthier

Again, summer was a real low point for healthy eating. I was away so much that I ate out or ate badly nearly the whole time.

As with exercise, September was a turning point for me, where I cooked at home more and focused on healthy eating.

From this…

To this…

3-Read one book per month

I’m sadly nowhere near achieving this aim. Any spare time I’ve had has been spent blogging or planning for upcoming trips, but I’m hoping to start on some of my books soon as there’s so many I can’t wait to read.

The one book I read was:

Lonely Planet-Norway Travel Guide

4-Watch 50 films with my partner

Again, there was a lull in us watching films in the summer as we was just too busy.

However, we did manage to watch one film.

-It (Cinema) in September

-The Killing (Netflix) in August and September

Even though this is supposed to be 50 films, we also watched the first two seasons of The Killing on Netflix. We watch TV but never go out of our way to watch shows on Netflix, online, etc so I’m including it for that reason.

5-Get into a better sleeping pattern

At times I had a good sleeping pattern, but in August and September I slept more erratically. We had builders in, meaning I had to get up two hours earlier than usual for them to start work and I also had a lot to catch up on in September.

6-Do 2 new things per month

In June, we went to the Barleylands Food & Drink Festival for the first time.

We stayed in a suite at Brooklands Hotel.

And ate at the Giggling Squid.

In July we went to the Hyper Japan Festival, which we’ve been to before, but we tried new food and drinks.

We went to a tonne of new places and did a lot of new things on our holiday to Tenerife. We did a dolphin and whale boat safari.

Visited Siam (Water) Park and much more.

In August I had gel nails done for the first time.

Went to Roslin Beach Hotel for a spa day.

And on our trip to Norway we did a lot of new things.

We went to the top of Fløyen Mountain.

Did a boat tour on my birthday through fjords and mountains.

And visited The Viking Ship Museum.

In September I tried Pret’s soya hot chocolate and kale & cauli macaroni cheese for the first time.

And went to my first big football match at Wembley Stadium, London.

7-Visit three new places (Country, City, Town or Village)

In June we didn’t visit any areas we hadn’t been to before.

In July we went on Holiday to the Spanish island of Tenerife, which was a new country for us.

Whilst we was there we stayed in Chayofa village.

And we also visited the town of Los Cristianos.

In August we visited Norway for the first time.

And visited the cities of Bergen.

And Oslo.

In September we visited the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

And Canvey Island, which comes under none of the categories I’ve listed, but I have to include an island! We’d drove past Canvey a million times, but I’d never visited there until last month.

8-Start driving lessons

I picked up the paperwork to get a new provisional licence, but I still haven’t sent off for it or started driving lessons. I’d like to start soon, but the earliest will be November now.

9-Use up what I have before buying more

Some months I was good and others I was awful! I got a lot of birthday presents in August, which means I’ve been buying less since then. I’ve tried to only purchase things I’ve run out of or some new clothes for winter.

10-Enjoy the simple things in life

I’m great at appreciating the smallest things in life when I’m away or on a fun day out, but I need to try and be thankful each day for the smaller things and to practise mindfulness.

Let me know how you’re getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions.

15 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions-Four Month Update

  1. Seems like you’ve done fairly well! I didn’t have any resolutions this year, I was really struggling with depression after my grandmothers passing in december so I had no hopes of succeeding at anything. I guess getting through that was a success on its own! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thanks hun. I only struggle with a lot of my resolutions when I’m away or out a lot. I guess that’s natural☺ Of course! No ones minds in a good place after losing a loved one. So focusing on yourself and feeling better in time is a success in itself😊 xx


      1. That is natural! It wouldn’t be good if you restricted yourself from having a good time just because of some new years resolutions 🙂 I know I would want to enjoy every moment at least xx

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  2. You’ve been doing so many new things and visiting places you haven’t had time for the gym lol 😛 I am doing ok with my exercise goal, I do quite a lot of steps and walking at my new work so my FitBit is good at letting me know how much I’ve done. I haven’t made much progress with my driving either, hopefully at some point I will come up with a plan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes that’s true! It was hard to fit the gym in! 😊😂 Aaw that’s good. I like the FitBits, I should get one. I know it’s so easy to put off. I kept saying I’d start but I could only fit in a lesson or two then I’d be away etc, so it would have been sporadic if I’d started lessons x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it seemed crazy to do one lesson then not go for a month. It’s quite pricey like £25 per lesson, so I want to make surs I can keep going and not forget what I’ve done xx

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  3. Ahh I love this post! It’s great reading your updates! Well done for going to the gym 2-3 times a week in September, that’s a real achievement! I only go the once and when I go twice I proper pat myself on the back for it! 😂 I can’t believe you had to wake up two hours early for the builders, how did you survive 😂😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thanks hun😊 That’s so funny. You should pat yourself on the back, twice in a week takes effort😂 I didn’t. I was permanently exhausted and grumpy😂 They’ve had to come back to do more work and I was like noooo! X


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