October Favourites

October was a great month, with lots of celebrations and two breaks away. So here’s a look at my October favourites.

Anniversary Break to Brooklands Hotel

In October, me and my partner celebrated our fifth anniversary. For the occasion, we stayed in our favourite suite at Brooklands Hotel. We had a couples spa day, headed out for dinner and made the most of a relaxing and romantic weekend away.

Pumpkin Picking at Garsons Farm

The day after our anniversary, we went to Garsons Farm. We’d been there before for fruit picking in the summer, but this time we mostly went for the pumpkin patch.

It was our first time pumpkin picking, but we also picked our own flowers and vegetables, which was a lot of fun.

Holiday to New York for my Partner’s Birthday

New York’s a place we’d both wanted to visit for a while, so I booked us a trip there to celebrate my partner’s birthday.

We had a truly amazing time visiting as many famous sights as we could, exploring and eating good food. We’d both love to go back.

New York Souvenirs

I always pick up fridge magnets, postcards, mugs and other bits on my travels, but I got a couple of cute souvenirs.

The first is this apple shaped snow globe.

A cute teddy from the Statue of Liberty gift shop.

And my very own Statue of Liberty crown.

The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Spray

I bought some sprays and foot products from The Body Shop to use during the summer, but I only started to use this Peppermint Foot Spray in New York. It’s great at numbing, cooling and soothing aching and tired feet.

Breakfast In Bed Pyjamas

I got these super cute pyjamas for my birthday and they’re my current favourites. I love the fun design.

New Winter Clothes

My family gave me money for my birthday, which I recently spent buying new clothes. I don’t go clothes shopping often, so I love my new winter tops and jumpers.

So that’s my October favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

41 thoughts on “October Favourites

  1. You look like you had the best month! I loved New York so much and want to go back in a non-winter season to see the city in a different way! I’d never have thought the weather would be so good in October, I’ll have to rememeber that for future, I’d like to go again before we have children!
    I loved all the jumpers you got the heart one is my favourite!
    P.s I like your natural brows! xx

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    1. What month did you visit? The weather was great! Very often it was like late summer☺ Thank you. I really like the heart one, it still looks quite smart☺ Do you? I always think my brows look a bit thin and sparse🙈 x


      1. We visited in January/February – it was very clear weather whilst we were there, Central Park had snow the week before so we got to see everything snowed & iced over without actually having to deal with walking in the bitter cold, but I’d like to see central park when the trees aren’t bare, and do the highline in nicer weather!
        Yeah honestly they look fine to me! xx

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      2. Aaw at least it wasn’t too cold for the time of year. I think New York’s probably great all year round, but I know what you mean. When the weather’s a bit warmer you can spend more time exploring Central Park, etc☺ Haha thank you x

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  2. I’ve never really wanted to visit America but New York would be one place I think I’d like to go. The apple shaped snow globe is adorable and I love people who pick up cute souvenirs from their travels! I love that bright pink jumper and the grey one with the sequins, I bet they’re cosy and warm! x

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    1. Aaw I loved New York😊 I’ve stashed away so many bits like ornaments, baubles for the Christmas tree etc. I say they’re for our future home☺ The snow globe is really cute. They are really cosy😊 x

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  3. I’ve never gone pumpkin picking but are the pumpkins just scattered in the field like that on purpose? I’m confused. 😛
    I picked up an Empire State building pencil sharpener one time when I was in NYC. My SO just tossed it out recently – too many knickknacks!
    I said it before but Ahh those PJs are adorable!

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    1. Haha it looks that way, but they was attached to vines so I guess they grew that way. Haha I buy so many knick knacks, my excuse is when we buy a house we have nice ornaments and bits we’ve bought on our travels already☺😂 I love the pjs😊 x


  4. Love these pictures! That dessert st the Brookline looks incredible! And love the pumpkin picking pictures. A must for Fall! And of course your New York ones! (Come back!!!) Also I din’t believe I have mentioned it, but seriously obsessed with that purple bell sleeved sweater! It is gorgeous! I hope November is equally as excitinf beauty!😘

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    1. Aaw thanks hun. The desserts were lovely😊 It did feel so autumnal, I really enjoyed the pumpkin picking☺ Haha yes! I want to asap😊😙 Aaw thank you. I really like the purple jumper too. Thank you huni. I hope this month’s amazing for you too😊😙 x

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      1. They looked it! Yay! So hard to find Autumn feels when it is so warm! I love it! Hopefully you will get to wear it soon (maybe January? ;p ) Awe thanks sweets! So much love to you! ❤

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      1. It really did flyby although I don’t get the October experience here. I’m planning a trip next year to CA! I cannot miss another one! Do stop by our side of the Pacific! 😀

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  5. You look so pretty in your pumpkin picking selfie!! & I love the ghost top too! New York looks so amazing, I want to go back sooo much!! Loving that snow globe and the Statue of Liberty crown!! The teddy bear is so cute too! It sounds like you had an amazing October! Xx

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