Celebrating Our Fifth Anniversary Pt.1

Mid-October was mine and my partner’s fifth anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, we booked a suite for two nights at Brooklands Hotel in Surrey.

We’d stayed at Brooklands before and loved it, so we knew it’d be ideal for a romantic getaway. Plus, it’s only an hour and a half drive from where we live, so perfect for a short break.

A few car selfies along the way.

The hotel.

You may remember we stayed in this suite in the summer, but I was yet again blown away by how gorgeous it was!

The bedroom, with a rose petal heart on the bed.

The balcony with a table & chairs and sunloungers to use.

The gorgeous bathroom with a freestanding bath and his & hers sinks.

Just off the main bathroom was a toilet and a separate shower room.

Then the dining area.

A cosy living room.

Where we found chocolate covered strawberries and anniversary cakes.

And finally, another bathroom.

Our first night at Brooklands was all about making the most of the suite and relaxing. We used the tablet and desk area in our bedroom to book a few activities for our upcoming holiday to New York.

We ate loads from the snack table we created.

We laid on the super cosy sofa in the living room and caught up with some TV shows.

We ordered room service and all of the food was delicious.

We drank wine.

And I used a giant bath bomb for a giant bath! 

I got the Mother of Dragons bath bomb from Lush for my birthday and it was perfect to use in the freestanding bath.

Me just chilling and watching TV in the bath, as you do.

After the perfect night in, we headed to bed, ready for our fifth anniversary the next day.

33 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Fifth Anniversary Pt.1

  1. Happy 5th anniversary! 🙂
    How sweet that the housekeeping staff put rose petals in the shape of a heart & the chocolates – did you tell them advance that it was your anniversary and they surprised you?
    Oh man, I’d love to have a tv in the bathroom like that! I’d not leave…

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  2. This hotel is insaneeee, it’s huge! The balcony looks massive and two bathrooms? What! So lush! That bath looks amazing and the fact it’s got a tv in front of it too, that’s so goals I want that in my house one day!! The bath bomb is a must have seriously I need to get one ASAP! Can’t wait to read the rest of your anniversary posts! X

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    1. It is huge! The suite you could live in. In fact it’s nicer than my house😂 Exactly! I so want a TV above the bath and a couple of bathrooms☺ Yesss! A giant bath bomb is a must. Aaw thanks hun. All three posts about our anniversary’s up now😊 xx

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      1. aha it’s nicer than mine too 😂 Yes absolutely! With one of those trays to hold chocolates and wine whilst you bathe and watch tv! Plus candles!!! Absolutely! I need to go on Lush’s website! Thanks Hun! I’ll read them ASAP but you know what my signals like and I wanna read them properly 🙄❤️

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