November Favourites

November was a month where I discovered a whole load of new favourites. So here’s a look at what I loved.

Purple Hair

I’ve been having a pink/purple tint added to my hair for a while, but in November my hair came out a super vibrant purple, which I just loved!

Sephora Coconut Hair Sleeping Mask

I picked up a few of these hair masks whilst in New York and they’ve really impressed me. 

In the packet, you get a conditioner which you leave on your hair overnight and a hair cap. After using these masks my hair feels soft, shiny and stays clean for longer.

Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar

The Bewitched bubble bar was my favourite product from Lush’s Halloween range this year. Not only did I love the fun cat design, but I also enjoyed the sharp yet sweet blackberry scent.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

It goes without saying, that this would make my favourites list around Christmas time! Snow Fairy is my all time favourite shower gel as I adore the bubble gum and candyfloss scent, that’s sweet but not sickly.

Lush Snowshowers Shower Jelly

I got this shower jelly as a gift and I really love it! It has a mixture of scents such as Champagne, elderflower and orange, but the main note is zesty, refreshing lime.

This was sold as a Lush Kitchen/Exclusive product, so it’s only available to buy if it’s featured on there as a special item.

Hanaka Strawberry and Cotton Candy Chu Chu Lip Scrub

This Hanaka lip scrub was another birthday gift and it works really well! Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my lips feeling moisturised and smooth, because of the mango and almond oils in the scrub.

Bath & Body Works Hot Cocoa & Cream Candle

I bought this candle in New York and it smells good enough to eat! The scent is just like a delicious cup of hot chocolate, so I’m glad I bought a couple of these candles.

Asda Star Print Nightgown

My partner got me this nightgown for our anniversary and as it’s turned cold, it’s been getting a lot of use! This nightgowns super soft, cosy and I love the star design.

Starbucks Fudge Hot Chocolate

In November, I popped into Starbucks a couple of times to get this yummy, festive hot chocolate. It tastes delicious and has pretty, gold chocolate flakes on top.

So that’s all of my favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

27 thoughts on “November Favourites

  1. I absolutely adore your purple hair! You pull it off so well beauty! And I REALLY need to try the coconut hair mask! That lip scrub sounds divine! And that robe is PEREFECT for this time of year! Also oh my lanta I LOVE hot chocolate this time of year! ❤

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    1. Aaw thank you huni😊💕 You do. It’s such a lovely treat for your hair. The lip scrub leaves a light oil on your lips, so they don’t feel dry after using the scrub☺ It is! Especially as we had snow. The robes been super useful. Me too! I could just have a hot chocolate right now☺ xx

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      1. You have sold me! I either need to get my booty to Sephora OR order online lol. Ooo nice! I love that! Have you tried Fresh’s Sugar scrub? It is amazing! Yasss! Hot chocolate all day every day for Hall Pass-ember Lol. :p ❤

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  2. That LUSH Bewitched Bubble Bar is so cute! I’ve had to resist buying things there lately because Christmas is coming up and I put a few items on my wish list. I hope they get the HINT!
    The Hanaka lip scrub look good – what does it smell like?
    Starbucks holiday drinks are such a nice treat – I try to indulge once a week leading up to Christmas. 🙂

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    1. It was super cute. I do like the themed Lush releases☺ Haha I know my partner has bought me lots of Lush bits for Christmas, but I caved in and got some stuff for now🙈 It smells like strawberry candy! It’s a good lip scrub, as it leaves a light oil on your lips rather than leaving your lips a bit dry. I’ve gone a few weeks without a festive drink, so I need to treat myself😊 xx


    1. It’s a really nice hot chocolate. I rarely go Starbucks, but I’ve been enjoying their hot chocolate and the nice gold flakes☺ It is a lovely cosy robe. Thanks hun, it seems to work well for me. My lips have been less dry, even though it’s winter x

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  3. The Bewitched bubble bar was my favourite from the Halloween range this year too, I stocked up on it so I’ve got some to use in the coming months if I fancy. I love the colour it turns the bath water!! The dressing gown is too cute, I love the dark blue colour and the pretty stars, so dreamy! I bet that candle smells delicious!!! And the fact you bought it from NYC too, yess. I have to say I’m more of a costa girl than a starbucks, I have tried the fudge hot chocolate this year but I prefer costas caramel hot chocolate, have you tried it? x

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    1. I had a few of the Bewitched bubble bars, as I liked it so much. I still have Halloween bath bombs to use☺ It’s such a cute and cosy nightgown, I love it😊 It smells amazing! I bought a few candles when I was in NYC☺ I’m a Costas girl too! I only went Starbucks to see what the fuss was about with the Christnas drinks, but Costas food etc is much better. I haven’t had any Costas Christmas drinks this year, that sounds amazing though😍 x

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      1. Its the best bubble bar! Haha I’ve only got bewitched and lord of misrule left! Yay for a fellow costa gal! But yes sometimes you have to branch over to the other side to see what all the hype is! I do like a starbucks but costa is number one, especially for food I agree!! Oh try the caramel hot chocolate, its available all year round so you have plenty of time! x

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