What I Eat In Three Days

I’ve seen a lot of posts in the past where people share what they eat in a day and I’ve finally got ’round to doing my own three day version.

It’s worth stating that what I eat varies a lot depending on whether I’m out for the day, working from home, I’m on holiday, etc. In general I try to eat vegan three days a week and the rest of the time I follow a vegetarian diet.

Thursday 25th January (Vegan Day)


I was super tired, so after getting my brother up and ready for school, I headed back to bed for a bit before working from home.

I had an Island Delight Vegetable Pattie for brunch.


Around 8pm after I’d finished my work, I had dinner. I had falafel salad wraps (using Cauldron falafel), cauliflower rice and added some sweet chilli sauce.


As a snack at night, I tried the new Alpro Go On Plain Yogurt Alternative with blueberries.

Friday 26th January (Vegan Day)


I had an early breakfast as I had to go to work. I had two plain Weetabix with soya milk and blueberries.


I didn’t have lunch as I was in meetings all afternoon until dinnertime.


For dinner I had sweet potato pakora (by Great Food) with garlic and herb roasted vegetables and broccoli rice.


In the evening I had a small pot of fruit, which I forgot to take a photo of before I ate it!

Saturday 27th January (Vegetarian Day)


As I knew I’d be buying lunch in town, I just had a small fruit pot for breakfast.


For lunch I got a M&S Falafel & Bulgur Wheat Salad and a pack of carrot sticks with low fat hummus.

I ate this in the hairdressers as my hair takes hours to do.


On Saturday night I usually have my cheat meal, but I tried not to be too naughty.

I had the low calorie veggie flatbread and a salad bowl, which mostly consisted of veggies and salad (underneath the couscous). I also nabbed a slice of my partner’s vegan cheese pizza.


I had no snacks.

So that’s everything that I ate in three days. Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

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