Holiday to Lapland-Going on Husky & Reindeer Rides

On our second day in Lapland we had an early start, so we made the most of the breakfast buffet in our hotel, before being picked up for a day trip with Easy Travel.

Our first stop of the day was to the Artic Circle Husky Park, where we first got to stroke the huskies.

Before having the most exhilarating, amazing husky ride through the forest.

We loved it so much, we paid for a second husky ride!

After the excitement of the husky rides, we went inside a cosy wooden building and drank warm berry juice in front of the fire.

One of the women that looks after the huskies told us more about the animals and answered any questions we had.

A few things we learnt:

-The huskies they have are all purebred Siberian huskies. Many people expect big fluffy dogs, but that type of husky is bred more for looks as opposed to them being a working dog.

-For huskies the colder the better, as they prefer to run in temperatures of -20 degrees or below. Once the weather is around 15 degrees or slightly less, it’s too warm for the huskies to run.

-There’s an order to the way huskies are placed when pulling sledges. The dogs at the front must be fast and understand the instructions called to them by the person on the sledge, the middle dogs keep the pace and add to pulling power/numbers and the ones closest to the sledge must be the strongest as they’re pulling most of the weight.

After an amazing time at the Husky Park, we was taken to the Napapiirin Porofarmi Oy (reindeer farm).

We started by feeding the beautiful animals lichen, which is a moss full of energy. Lichen is easy to find in cold, artic temperatures and is a reindeers favourite food.

After feeding the reindeers and taking photos, we entered a cosy wooden building and sat in front of the fire as the reindeer herder told us stories.

He told us stories and legends about the artic and the northern lights.

The northern lights in Finland are associated with the artic fox. The story goes that the fox was cold, so he ran so fast through the snow that his tail sent sparks into the sky creating the Aurora (northern lights). The Finnish word for the northern lights is ‘revontulet’, which literally translates as ‘fire fox’.

After enjoying all of the local stories, we then went on a reindeer ride!

Reindeers walk at a slower, steadier pace so we could take the lead and do the reindeer ride by ourselves.

Once we’d completed our ride, we warmed up inside one of the buildings with warm berry juice and cookies, before being handed our very own reindeer driving licence!

After a really wonderful time, we hopped back in the car and was dropped off back at our hotel, where we spent some time relaxing.

As it reached late afternoon we visited some of the local stalls and shops in the centre of Rovaniemi.

Had dinner in McDonald’s, where I tried out some of the veggie options which were really good.

Before walking my mum and brother back to our hotel. They turned in for the night, but me and my partner was booked on a northern lights tour so we headed off to meet our group.

We drove away from the city and all of the light pollution into a forest.

As it was cloudy we saw the northern lights but much of it was blocked out by clouds that moved across the sky.

However, we still had a lovely night and got to spend a few hours in a beautiful location finding the lights.

As it was late, we got back on the coach and headed to our hotel, tired and ready for bed.

34 thoughts on “Holiday to Lapland-Going on Husky & Reindeer Rides

      1. Aaw that’s lovely☺ It snowed more when I was little, but my younger brother’s not seen much snow in his lifetime. He loved Lapland as it was his first time in deep snow😊 x

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh my gosh, that white husky! So beautiful! I’ve learned that the working dogs just LOVE to pull – they get depressed if they’re not pulling!
    You got to interact so much with nature – such a great way to experience a new place. It must have felt weird to be back in a car when you’ve been pulled by huskies and reindeer! 😆
    I’ve not managed to see the Northern Lights in real life yet! Definitely want to experience that one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are beautiful animals😊 You’re right, it’s natural instinct for them to want to work and run. They bark first thing in ths morning as they’re keen to go out and run☺ 😂 well getting back into a car doesn’t feel half as impressive as a husky or reindeer ride that’s for sure!☺ I’m sure you will, it’s such an amazing experience to see the lights xx


  2. The huskies and reindeer are so cute! The northern lights photos are beautiful, this is like a perfect holiday for me, sounds like a lot of fun. Seeing the northern lights is definitely something I want to do and hearing the local folk stories in a nice warm room sounds like a great way to finish a ride in the snow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were so cute!💕 The northern lights are so amazing to see, so I hope you get to experience them soon😊 I loved hearing local stories by the fire, such a lovely moment. Aaw thank you, it was the perfect holiday xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my lanta! Those huskies are so stinking cute! If I get a dog, I really want a husky! Your day sounded incredible! And those reindeers! So beautiful and that sky! Ahhh seriously have all the feels after reading this post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was amazing, I’d love to do it again!😊 They have 70 huskies so they do take it in turns. The thing with huskies is they would work all day as they hate not running and working! They bark if they’re not pulling a sleigh. It is pretty fast, a bit of an adrenaline rush☺ x

      Liked by 1 person

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