Valentines Day & Gifts

On Valentines Day me and my partner both had work, but we got to meet for lunch.

We rarely get to see eachother at lunchtime, but my partner picked me up and we ate at Subway.

After lunch and work, we spent part of the evening at mine.

Where we cooked a delicious Thai curry together.

Exchanged presents.

Before heading to the cinema to watch a late showing of Fifty Shades Freed.

My Presents


Valentines Cupcakes

A local lady bakes beautiful cakes, so my partner’s bought me Valentines cupcakes the past few years as I love them!

Superdry Grey Hoodie

I needed a new hoodie for the gym and as I loved the Superdry one my partner has, he got me the exact same one.

Lady and the Tramp & Love Heart Pyjamas

Lush Bath Bombs

Bubbles at Home Belgian Chocolate Giftbox & Charm Bath & Shower Gel

In Belgium, me and my partner stumbled across a Bubbles at Home store. My partner got me a Belgian Chocolate set, which smells amazing and the Charm Bath & Shower Gel which smells just like the Miss Dior perfume by Dior.

Bubbles at Home Bath Pearls

As a child I loved bath pearls but I hadn’t seen them in years, so I was super excited to see them in Belgium. I created my own bag of mixed bath pearls which my partner got for me.

Lemon Meringue Chocolate Smash Slab & Hot Chocolate Spoon

Neon Sheep Microfibre Towel & Water Bottle

As I’m trying to reduce my plastic waste, my partner bought me a new water bottle as mine’s prone to leaking. He also got me a Microfibre Towel, which is ideal for travel.

So that’s everything. Let me know what gifts you liked the most.

29 thoughts on “Valentines Day & Gifts

  1. So sweet that you two exchange presents and met up for lunch. Those cupcakes look too pretty to eat! Those bath pearls aren’t very common anymore, you’re right! I think they were deemed choking hazards or something.
    My SO and I just exchange cards and that’s it! This year we actually ordered pizza for dinner rather than my SO cooking…

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    1. It was nice to meet up for lunch as it doesn’t often happen!😊 They was so pretty. They tasted amazing too. Oh really? I remember having bath pearls loads as a kid, so I always wondered why they disappeared! At least I know Belgium sells them now. Aaw that’s still nice, you don’t need to go out on Valentines, it’s more about the company☺ x


    1. We did😊 I liked it but I preferred the first two films. I jist foumd Anna’s character to be totally different in the last film and it ended quite abruptly. Have you seen it? The pjs are really cute😊 It is such a cosy hoodie xx

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