New Year’s Resolutions-February & March Update

This year is just flying-by and so far I’ve only given one update on how I’m doing. So here’s a look at how I did in February and March with my resolutions.

1-Eat healthier and exercise

I so wanted to be good, but at the start of February I went on holiday to Belgium. That was followed by Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and all I did was eat!

The unhealthy eating carried on through March, as did the lack of exercise. I went to the gym once at the end of March, did some walking on my Belgian holiday and my Lapland trip, but that was it.

However, I did have a valid excuse for March as I was ill for most of the month, so I couldn’t exercise.

2-Read more

Another resolution I failed on. I just didn’t read anything other than magazines sadly.

3-Do 2 new things per month

Okay this resolution I managed to achieve!

In February:

We visited Bruges and Ghent in Belgium. Ghent was a new city for us.

We did a lot of new activities, such as visit the Torture Museum in Bruges, see the Lichtfestival (Light Festival) in Ghent and ate at new restaurants such as Salade Folle (Bruges).

We went to our first Vegan Nights event in London.

And we tried new food stalls in Camden, such as Oli Baba’s halloumi fries and The Cheese Wheel pasta.

In March we did quite a few new things on our trip to Lapland:

We visited Culture House Korundi (art museum), went snowmobiling and more.

We went to another Vegan Nights event, but ate at new food stalls.

I cooked a vegan bolognese from scratch for the first time.

And also ate at the Cook Daily restaurant in London for the first time.

4-Visit three NEW countries and three NEW cities (Any new towns or villages, or any extra countries and cities are a bonus)

In February we returned to Belgium which isn’t a new country for us. We visited Bruges where we’ve been before, but Ghent was a new city for us.

Rovaniemi in Lapland (Finland) isn’t a new city or country for us, as we first went there in December.

5-Use up what I have before buying more

In February I only purchased a few cheap beauty bits in Bruges.

Whilst in March I bought some bath bits and makeup in Lapland. I also ordered some makeup online.

Bonus Round

In February I didn’t have much ‘me time’, nor did I in March. March was a much quieter month due to illness but I felt too unwell to care much for myself.

Let me know how you’re getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions.

34 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions-February & March Update

  1. Huge hugs. You are doing amazing girl! Sometimes you win and sometime you lose but it is all about the journey and getting back up again (whoa that was deep ;p but also true! 🙂 I hope you are feeling loads better! Also I see you kicking Aprils derriere! Way to go beauty! And I am obsessed with those pictures from Ghent to funny! ❤ Also totally rambling but girl if I had what you were eating in February I would be saying diet what? 🙂 I hope April is amazing! ❤

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    1. Aaw thanks huni. Deep but so true, I love it!😊💕 I’m getting there, I feel a lot better than last month😊 Yes! As you’ve seen on IG I’m kicking butt this month. 😂 I didn’t know what the word diet meant in February, the food was so good! Thanks lovely. I hope you’re having a great month💕 x

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      1. Haha Very deep, but also very true 🙂 ❤ Yay I am so glad! You are and I am SO proud of yoU! And I am happy you are feeling better! Haha sometimes diet just has to go out the window and enjoy life! Thanks beauty I am! 🙂 ❤

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  2. I think you get a pass for not exercising while you were ill! The challenge is always picking it back up once you’re feeling healthier. I know that I’ve found it hard to get back to a routine after being sick.

    You always manage to visit new places and try new things – that’s never a problem for you! 😉

    How do you think you did with your resolutions for February and March overall?

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    1. I was very ill, almost fainting daily so I was scared to leave the house, let alone exercise🙈 It took me a while to exercise as I was worried I’d feel bad but thankfully I’ve got back into it. 😂 The try 2 new things is the one I never fail on! I think okay. February I could have done better, March I wasn’t well so I knew I would fail on a few things. Reading is the one I need to improve on. Exercise/healthy eating is up and down some months. The other three things I feel I do well on. I did cave on buying some Tarte makeup late March though🙈 But I’ve done well on not buying stuff x


  3. Your vegan bolognese looks yummy! As other comments have mentioned you’re allowed not to exercise when you’re ill :* I’m sure you;ll pick up some of the resolutions in other months x

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    1. It was so nice. I was really pleased with how it turned out. I can’t wait to make it again soon😊 I only exercised once in March as I just wasn’t up to it. I knew my body couldn’t take it so I rested☺ Thanks hun. Some months will be better than others x

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  4. Oh my gosh that vegan spag bol looks delicious! How was it? What ingredients did you use? Can’t wait for your next update, I love these type of posts. Sorry to hear you were poorly though, that’s rubbish 😦

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    1. Aaw thank you😊 It was so nice, I’m making it again Friday. I was going to take photos so I could do a step by step of how to make it on here😊 I’m glad you enjoy these updates hun☺ I was poorly most of March, but I’m feeling better now😊 x

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      1. Ahh amazing- yes please do! I really want to start and try vegetarian first but obvs I can still try your vegan recipe but there’s no way I could go full vegan yet! Good! I’m glad you’re feeling better x

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      2. Yes start veggie first. You can still enjoy vegan food sometimes too☺ It is tough to eat vegan, I try to not have dairy etc a few days a week but it’ll still be a while before I can eat that way completely. Thanks hun😊 x

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      3. Yes definitely!! That’s a good idea, to even just cut it out for a few days. I’m definitely going to try. Or even start trying to be vegetarian say Tuesday – Friday or something! Hm I’m not sure but its something to think about. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂 You’re doing so well! xx

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  5. doing two new things each month seems such an exciting thing and helps us through the mundane days, I must think about doing that too. I am happy to read that you ahve been feeling better, sorry I am late in finding out, hope you are fully recovered and no more fainting spells.

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    1. Thanks Gina. I’m feeling a lot better, but I just have to be careful with my eating. I was low in vitamins and iron. It’s a nice challenge to set yourself, as it could be cooking a new dish at home or going to a new place☺ x

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      1. I take supplements too, zinc, iron and magnesium, if I don’t I tire easily. So glad to know you are watchful over the small things, those matter the most. Do take good care of yourself, I see you are on the right track with eating and exercising, well done Dannijane! Yes it could be a something simple but when we do things together with people we care and love it becomes so special. I love creating memories like that.

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      2. I think I might add some supplements in to help but I’ve been taking care of myself more😊 Me too. We had fun with my family Easter Sunday. We did egg and spoon races and other games and we spent the day laughing☺ x

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