My Easter Weekend (In Photos)

Here’s a look at my Easter weekend in photos.

Friday 30th March (Good Friday)

I had a lazy day indoors with my partner.

We ordered Domino’s and ate some Easter cupcakes, which he got me as a present.

Saturday 31st March

We drove an hour and a half to Brooklands Hotel in Surrey, where we spent the night.

I had some spa treatments, we used the gym and jacuzzi together, then ordered room service.

Sunday 1st April (Easter Sunday)

On Easter Sunday we checked out of Brooklands and drove back towards home.

We had an Easter meal with my family and played Easter themed games.

In the evening, we went to the gym.

Monday 2nd April (Easter Monday)

On Easter Monday, we had another lazy day indoors.

We also got back into healthier eating.

Let me know how you celebrated Easter this year.

13 thoughts on “My Easter Weekend (In Photos)

  1. Your Dominos boxes are different to the ones in NZ, ours don’t have the circular cutouts for sauces 😛 Your stay in the hotel sounds lovely, your room was beautiful. I came home on Easter Sunday and my mum surprised me with chocolate when I said I didn’t want any, that was a lovely thought xx

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      1. I don’t think Dominos here even do sauce or if they do they’d charge extra! I was wondering why you had two beds but it makes sense if you were upgraded lol x

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  2. We had a lovely Easter, dinner at a posh restaurant and lots of chocolates. All the kids and our significant others were around too and it was a really fun time. I love the Easter table colours and looks like you had such a lovely time together too

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    1. Aaw that sounds like a lovely Easter. I’m glad you had a fun time😊 My mum bought the pretty table cloth and flowers. She made it look nice for Easter. Thank you, we had a lovely time xx

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