Early May Bank Holiday-Beach, Forests & Food

Last weekend was a long one, as we had the bank holiday Monday off. Not only did we get three days off instead of two, but the weather was glorious and summerlike. So here’s a look at what we got up to.


I got up and ready reasonably early as I was booked in for my second session with a personal trainer.

I train in a studio not far from my partner’s and it was definitely harder than my first session, but I think I did well.

After working out, me and my partner headed to the shops so I could look at new phones (as my one was playing up). We also bought clothes and accessories for our upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris.

We then headed back to my partner’s, as his brother and other family members were coming round. We sat in the garden and also played a football match.


Sunday we headed back to the shops and I bought a new phone! I got the Samsung Galaxy S9 (in purple of course), which I’m still getting used to.

We spent a while setting it up and then headed to Hainault Forest.

Hainault is a beautiful forest and park area and one of my favourite places to go when the weather’s nice.

We read, drank slushies, sunbathed and went for a walk.

After 7pm we drove to Nando’s for food, where I went for the healthier options.

Before admiring the sunset outside.

The sky was a fiery mix of orange and red, which was beautiful.


We got ready and drove to Margate in Kent. We rarely drive from London to Kent as it takes quite some time and with the bank holiday traffic, it took us three hours to get there.

Car selfie.

However, it was worth the wait! The weather was amazing, so our first stop was the beach.

We sat and soaked up the sun, walked the length of the beach and was just happy to be by the sea.

As we rarely go Kent, we decided to make the most of the local attractions.

We explored the old town and it’s vintage shops, before visiting the Turner Contemporary (art gallery).

After the Turner, we walked out of town to the Shell Grotto.

An underground grotto that’s decorated with over four million shells and was discovered by chance in 1835.

Very little is known about the Shell Grotto. It’s not known what it was used for, why it’s decorated with shells or how old it is.

What is known, is that the shells were originally pink and white and that many of the shells were found on local beaches.

After exploring the beautiful and mysterious grotto, we drove to Ramsgate, another seaside town in Kent.

Once in Ramsgate, we headed to Shakey Shakey Fish Bar.

Shakey Shakey has a regular menu, a gluten free and a vegan menu, meaning there’s something for everyone.

We ordered tofish (battered tofu) and chips, regular and battered sausages and curry sauce.

The tofish wasn’t for me, as with the seaweed inside it tasted too fishy. I prefer imitations that don’t taste realistic, however everything else was amazing!

For dessert we shared some battered oreos which were also great.

As well as good food, the husband and wife who own Shakey Shakey were lovely. They gave us an extra oreo as they saw we was sharing and when my partner dropped one of his vegan sausages, they quickly offered to cook us another one.

We also found out that the Shakey Shakey stall that appears at the Vegan Nights event in London, is run by their daughter as she lives in East London. It’s a small world.

After a wonderful day and the perfect weekend, it was time to drive back home.

21 thoughts on “Early May Bank Holiday-Beach, Forests & Food

    1. I loved the Shell Grotto! It must have taken ages to decorate with 4.6 million shells. I hope one day they find out more about it😊 They was so nice xx


  1. The weather looks beautiful, I can see why so many people wanted to go to the beach haha. Hope you’re getting used to your new phone, the pink metallic case you’ve got is very pretty! Deep fried oreos sound interesting xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The weather was lovely, it felt like summer😊 😂 The beaches get packed at the first sign of gopd weather. A lot of people from London and other cities go the the coast. I’m slowly getting used to it. The phone case is pretty🙂 They was nice! Pretty unusual x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun weekend! That sunset was stunning! And I am so excited for your trip to Disney! That shell grotto has my mermaid heart all aflutter and I love that you went to the beach! And all that food was so yummy! I am so happy you had such a great weekend beauty! I hope this weekend is equally as great! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We had such a fun weekend and the sunsets over those few days were gorgeous😍 The Shell Grotto is so lovely and quirky. Yes! We had to go to the beach😊 The food was really yummy. Thanks lovely. I hope you’re having a great weekend😙 x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Who knew there was so much to do in Kent? The Shell Grotto looks and sounds really cool, I’m intrigued! It’s very mysterious. Shakey shakey sounds like a lovely place with lovely people! So crazy their daughter runs one of the stalls at Vegan nights, it really is a small world. I’ve never had a battered oreo before, was it good? And what burger did you get at nandos please? It looks nice! Glad you had the perfect weekend hun! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thanks hun, we had a great weekend😊 It was really mysterious and cool. I know it is a small world. They’re such a sweet family too! I liked the battred Oreos, they’re weird at first but then I enjoyed them😊 I got the butternut squash and sweet potato burger😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good! It sounds so intriguing. I hadn’t heard of it before. It is, like the disney ride lol. See I’ve had a battered mars bar before but wasn’t keen, is it similar? Okay thanks- I want to try the veggie option 😀 x

        Liked by 1 person

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