May Happiness Highlights

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while, but I find it a postive experience. So here’s a look at what made me happy or what I was grateful for, each day in May.

Tuesday 1st May

I had a quiet night in, where I caught up on some reading.

Wednesday 2nd May

I managed a really good workout in the gym.

Thursday 3rd May

I worked on the local elections and it was fun. I met a lot of great people.

Friday 4th May

I made a yummy, healthy, high protein dinner.

Saturday 5th May

I had my second session with a personal trainer and at my weigh-in, found out I’ve lost 4lbs.

Sunday 6th May

We spent the day in Hainault Forest as the weather was lovely.

Monday 7th May

It’s a bank holiday, so we spent it by the seaside in Margate.

Tuesday 8th May

I finally spent my Christmas money on some new clothes.

Wednesday 9th May

I had my hardest personal training session yet, but I feel proud I did it.

Thursday 10th May

Having a long soak in the bath and time to read a book.

Friday 11th May

I made a pasta dish for dinner and it was good!

Saturday 12th May

I had Minnie Mouse nails done for our trip to Disney tomorrow.

Sunday 13th May

Going to Disneyland Paris and seeing the amazing illuminatioms and fireworks in the evening.

Monday 14th May

Meeting Minnie Mouse.

Tuesday 15th May

Exploring the main Disney park and going on lots of fun rides.

Wednesday 16th May

Visiting the Sea Life Paris (aquarium) and shopping in the Val d’Europe shopping centre.

Thursday 17th May

Home from Disney, but I’ve had so many lovely comments on my Disney photos.

Friday 18th May

Sorting through all the amazing bits I bought at Disney.

Saturday 19th May

Watching the beautiful Royal wedding, before spending the afternoon in Hainault Forest.

Sunday 20th May

Having a very lazy, but lovely day in with my partner.

Monday 21st May

Having some downtime to read a travel magazine.

Tuesday 22nd May

Having my first personal training session in two weeks and smashing it!

Wednesday 23rd May

Planning fun activities for the weekend.

Thursday 24th May

Having a Chinese takeaway with my family.

Friday 25th May

Finding out I’ve lost 2lbs, one inch from my waist and half an inch from my hips at my personal training session.

Saturday 26th May

Spending the weekend away in Brighton.

Sunday 27th May

Having a truly amazing and relaxing spa day.

Monday 28th May

Having a barbeque with my partner and his family.

Tuesday 29th May

Using a foot and hand mask to pamper myself.

Wednesday 30th May

Buying myself a new pair of shoes.

Thursday 31st May

I’ve exercised and eaten really healthy today.

So that’s my Happiness Highlights. Let me know what made you happy in May.

15 thoughts on “May Happiness Highlights

  1. So cute! Such a lovely idea to reflect each day on the little and big things that have made you happy and reminds you to be grateful and appreciative. I’m going to do this next month I think 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a nice thing to look back on. I read back through it and it’s good to see what I was happy/thankful for each day😊 It does make you look for something positive each day, no matter how small🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thanks huni. I loved the Disney manicure, it came out so well😊 It’s the first pair of heels I’ve bought in ages, I just love them! I hope it’s amazing for you too😊💕 xx


  2. I’m similar as you, I save up my Christmas gift cards and money for ages before I spend them. I still have a lot to use up… hopefully soon since I need new clorhes for summer.

    All your Disney theme clothes, accessories, and makeup were so awesome! What a dedicated Disney fan! 🙂

    Ooh I need new sandals… those ones you got look so nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Growing up I used to spend my Christmas money straight away, but now I hold on to it. I needed new summer clothes so I got quite a few bits🙂 Aaw thank you! I had a lot of fun buying all the Disney outfits and accessories😊 Thank you. I thought they was colourful for summer🙂 x


  3. That pink Minnie Mouse mug is adorable! I love all the Minnie and Disney stuff you got for your trip 🙂 well done on all the hard work you’re putting in at the gym, you’re doing great! xx

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