A Day at London Zoo & an 8 Course Dinner

Last weekend we decided to have a day out in London and visit the Zoo, as we hadn’t been since 2013. So here’s a look at our day.

We hopped in the car and drove to Camden in North London where we parked up, before walking twenty minutes to the zoo.

Regents Park and the area surrounding the zoo is beautiful. It’s so peaceful and green, you can almost forget you’re in the city.

A quick selfie together outside the zoo.

Then it was time to go in.

We started in the aquarium, which I loved. I could watch sea creatures for hours as I find them fascinating.

Before going to see the bigger animals.

The gorillas.

The cutest and softest looking, little monkey.

Stroking some energetic goats.

Walking with the monkeys.

And with the butterflies.

We then took a pit stop to have a healthy lunch.

Before seeing the tigers up close.

The gorgeous giraffes.

And the playful zebras.

After a full day of walking around the zoo, we headed back towards Camden for dinner.

We’d booked the eight course taster menu and a table at Inamo restaurant.

My partner had the four fish and meat dishes and I had the vegetarian ones.

I had bang bang cauliflower.

Vegetable sushi.

Schezuan tofu and vegetables.

And vegetable dumplings.

We both really enjoyed the food and we’d definitely return.

After a great day, we hopped back in the car and headed home.

Let me know how you spent your weekend.

18 thoughts on “A Day at London Zoo & an 8 Course Dinner

      1. I know it’s changed quite a lot 🙂 I should really go! It’s a bit awkward when people ask me questions about London zoo but I don’t know 😂 I love the tigers 🙂

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  1. absolutely lovely way to spend a day! your mention of Camden reminded me of 101 Dalmations carton, first time I heard about Camden and saw the beautiful park where the lovers met. And your dinner looks so delicious and artsy too.

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  2. The weather and the sky in the second picture look lovely for a zoo visit! I haven’t been to a zoo since I was a child and went on a school trip, I think the nearest one to me is about 1.5 hours away. Glad you had a lovely day seeing the animals and enjoyed your meal xx

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