My Disney Lookbook

Last month I went on holiday to Disneyland Paris and before going, I made sure to buy some new outfits and accessories for the occasion. So here’s a look at all my outfits and where everything’s from.

Day One

1-Red Mickey Mouse Top-Primark

2-Harem Trousers-Matalan

3-Lace Up Pumps-George at Asda

4-Minnie Mouse Ears from WonderlandWishing on Etsy

Day Two

1-Mickey Mouse Top-Primark


Day Three

1-Smells Like Disney Spirit Minnie Top-PopcornClothing on Etsy

2-Grey Hoody-Superdry

3-Harem Trousers-Matalan

4-Lace Up Pumps-George at Asda

5-Minnie Mouse Ears from WonderlandWishing on Etsy

6-Minnie Mouse Bag-Primark

Day Four

1-Lilo & Stitch Top-Primark

2-Disneyland Paris Hoody-Bought at Disneyland Paris



1-Disney Socks-Primark

2-Disney Underwear-George at Asda

3-Disney Pyjamas-George at Asda

4-Beauty and the Beast Shoes-Primark


Done by Ivory Hair & Beauty in Brentwood.

Let me know what look you love the most .

33 thoughts on “My Disney Lookbook

  1. The glitter/sequin headband is my favourite item! I love the red top in outfit one, the Nirvana inspired Disney tee and the grey Mickey hoodie. It’s so adorable how you dressed in Disney for Disney xx

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    1. You picked my favourite four😊 Everyone loved the ears at Disneyland, people kept asking where I got them. The clothes are all super comfy so I’ve worn the tops and hoody loads since being home😊 I loved picking all the clothes and accesories for Disney🙂 xx

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      1. The ears would have been more expensive at Disney itself I’m guessing if you don’t found them on Etsy 😊 you don’t just have to wear the clothes at Disney which is cool x

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  2. You have got to be themed when going to Disney Land Paris! If you aren’t wearing Disney clothes you’re not doing it right LOL. I love all your looks hun. Love those harem pants from Matalan. I’m pretty sure my friend has that lilo & stitch top, it’s so cute 🙂 I love your ears too! Xx

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    1. Of course! I think choosing all the outfits and accesories made it even more exciting😊 I live in harems. I have a tonne of identical pairs🙈 They’re just so comfy. Yes! I’ve seen a few people wear the Lilo & Stitch top. I guess we all went Primark. I love the ears! Xx


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