Disneyland Paris-Walt Disney Studios

Despite feeling tired from a busy first day, we all got up and ready early.

My Disney outfit for day two.

Then it was time for breakfast!

Our go-to place was McDonald’s, as it’s situated at the start of Disney Village just ten minutes away.

McGriddles for me.

After breakfast, we visited a few more shops in the Village. We looked at beautiful ornaments and bought some pretty Christmas decorations.

Then it was time to visit the Walt Disney Studios Park.

The park has a mixture of rides and shows, but also gives a peek behind the scenes of movie making.

We saw sketches of how some Disney characters were originally going to look.

Went on rides.

My boyfriend and my brother.

We watched the super fun, Mickey and the Magician show.

And I met Minnie Mouse!

After a full day exploring the park, we headed back to our hotel for dinner.

The ‘main’ dessert for our second night, was a chocolate fountain!

Which my brother very clearly enjoyed!

After dinner we debated whether to go back out or not, but the weather had taken a turn for the worst.

So we headed back to our rooms to relax, ready for day three.

13 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris-Walt Disney Studios

  1. McGriddles are such a guilty pleasure of mine. I haven’t had them in ages but I love the combination of savoury and sweet! 😀
    The Disney ornaments are such nice keepsakes, you’ll think of your time at Disney every year when you put up your Christmas tree!
    I would have parked my butt right next to that chocolate fountain and dipped everything in there! 😛
    Did you find there was a French flavour with Disney Paris? I’m just curious if the different geographical locations all have a different take on Disney.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We don’t have McGriddles in the UK, so I was a bit obsessed with them in France. They was so good covered in maple syrup😍 We’ve collected decorations from quite a few countries now, so it’ll be a nice reminder of our trips at Christmas🙂 😂 I love chocolate fountains! Even though it’s still modelled to look like the US ones with Main Street etc, I still felt it had a Frenchness to it. Some shows we watched were in French and English, the illumination Disney songs were in French, but I think the park had this French quaintness. Hard to explain, but I can imagine other ones feeling different x


  2. Love you Disney fashion beauty! And what cute souvenirs! I LOVE how you got to see the first glimpses of what some of the Disney characters had looked like. Beast is SO funny! What a fun vacation! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Studios Park is great! I screamed so much on Rock n Rollercoaster🙈😂 They are. I buy decorations from most places we visit, so we’ll have a mismatched tree! But it will be full of memories😊 x

      Liked by 1 person

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