Disneyland Paris-Val d’Europe & Sea Life Paris

On our last day in Disneyland, we all got up and ready early.

My final outfit of the trip.

Before heading to McDonald’s for breakfast.

Whilst my mum and brother went into Disney to go on some rides, me and my partner got an Uber to nearby Val d’Europe shopping centre.

We visited quite a few shops but Sephora was top of my list.

(Haul coming soon).

Inside the shopping mall there was a stall selling waffles. I got the most amazing white chocolate and speculoos one.

Washed down with a Red Bull slushie.

After wandering around, we decided to visit the Sea Life Paris (aquarium), which is inside Val d’Europe.

It was a really lovely aquarium and as we visited outside of the school holidays, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

After our day out we headed back to our hotel, where we grabbed a quick Glowtini cocktail.

A fruity cocktail, it glows as there’s a light up cube inside the drink.

Outside our hotel we met up with my family and it was time to go home, after an amazing few days.

12 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris-Val d’Europe & Sea Life Paris

  1. Aw I felt sad when I read about it being time to come home 😂 leaving Disney Land is never fun 😂 aw man I love Disney so much! Anyway, it sounds like you had a great last day! It’s nice you explored outside of Disney Land. Sephora in Paris was my first ever experience of a Sephora!!! That little penguin you took a photo of is so cute and I love the look of that glowtini cocktail. Also a red bull slushie!? I’ve never heard of that before! X

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    1. 😂 No it’s not. Aaw really? I first visited a Sephora when I was 18. I’m just sad we still don’t have one! The aquarium was so cute, I loved it. I’ve seen them before but it was my first time having a Red Bull slush. It was so nice😊 x


    1. Thank you😊 It’s a Christmas biscuit/cookie eaten in Belgium/Germany/Netherlands. Like a slightly spiced shortbread, but they also do a speculoos spread. So it was a biscuit spread and white chocolate on my waffle😊 Haul should be up tomorrow🙂 I say hello Nemo everytime I see clown fishes😊 x

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      1. That waffle with the spread looks so good! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the haul 😊 Halo has a cat toy that is a clown fish and I’ve called that Nemo 😂

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  2. Ahh I love your Stitch shirt! That’s my fave character. I can’t wait to see what you got in Sephora. It looks like you had so much fun:) what was your favorite part of the vacation?

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  3. Girl you could be a Disney model! I ADORE your Disney fashion! I also LOVEd your pictures from the aquarium! SO much fun! Also that waffle has made me SO hungry! ❤ I am glad you had so much fun! ❤


  4. I like where your priorities lie: shopping! 😆 I visited a Sephora in Poland during my visit but I didn’t buy anything. They pretty much carried the same things as here.

    OMG that waffle with the speculoos sauce! I would like to eat that every day!

    I just love aquariums – I never miss one if I’m visiting a new place. Wouldn’t it be a fantastic job to work at an aquarium? Maybe that could be my ‘retirement’ job, work at the local aquarium selling tickets at the front and get free access as a perk. 😉


    1. I was dying to visit that shopping centre. In my head I thought I’d sneak out and go there one evening, but I underestimated how long Disney takes😂 At least I got to go on our last day. Aaw I bet the Sephora’s near you are good anyway, so you didn’t need to buy anything. I have to make the most of being near one as we still have none😫 One of my faves was the Milan Sephora opposite my hotel. It was always empty, super neat and had a lot of Korean beauty. I found New York good for different brands, Dry Bar etc. Omg that waffle was amazing!😍 😂 Well it’d be a nice job. I do love aquariums. I just love sea creatures. Even at proper zoos I spend ages in the aquarium part x


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