Disneyland Paris Haul

Whilst at Disneyland Paris, I did a fair bit of shopping. So here’s what I got.

Mickey and Minnie Baubles

Cinderella and Belle Christmas Tree Decorations

Mickey and Minnie Stocking

Minnie Mug

Chip Mug

Minnie Paris Keyring

Mickey and Minnie Keyring Set

Mrs. Potts and Chip Pin

Mickey and Minnie Magnet

Disney Castle Magnet

Beauty and the Beast Musical Jewellery Box

Disney Castle Photo Album

Minnie Mouse Notepads

Minnie Mouse Teddy

Disneyland Paris T-shirt

Mickey Mouse Paris Hoody

Disney Popcorn

Sephora Haul

Sephora Lavender Foot Masks x2

Sephora Avocado Hand Masks x2

Sephora Coconut Hair Masks x3

Sephora Cucumber Eye Mask

Sephora Aloe Vera Face Mask

Sephora Lychee Eye Mask & Lychee Face Mask

Sephora Pineapple Nose Mask

Kocostar Camouflage Belly Mask

Tony Moly Pudding Pudding Cacao Jelly Sheet Masks x3

Papa Recipe Honey Butter Cream Mask

Sephora Beach Vibes Melting Shower Jelly

Sephora Beach Vibes Scented Body Mist

Sephora Intense Coffee Collection Palette

So that’s everything that I bought. Let me know your favourite items.

25 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Haul

    1. Aaw thank you. I love musical jewellery boxes, they remind me of my childhood🙂 I love the hoody and I collect baubles when I travel, but the Disney ones could be some of the prettiest I have😊 I love Sephora! I always stock up if I’m near one x

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  1. I thought everything was going to be Disney souvenirs until I saw the word Sephora lol! The baubles will be so nice on your tree at Christmas and the Chips mug is cute 🙂 The pineapple Sephora mask sounds really lovely x

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    1. Haha I decided to put them together as it was the same trip🙂 The baubles are lovely. We collect them from different places, so we have a real mish mash. Chip is one of my favourite characters so I had to get the cup😊 It does. It was the first time I’d seen a pineapple nose mask. Usually it’s pore/nose strips x

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  2. DisneyLand shopping is my favourite shopping! I could spend so much money there! I love those Christmas decorations, especially the Cinderella one. And that Minnie keyring is too cute! I love the DisneyLand top, I can totally see my best friend buying that. A belly mask!?!? What! There are masks for everything these days 😂 amazing! Xx

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    1. Oh gosh I know! I wanted to buy everything, but I’d already spent enough. I loved all the cute kitchen bits and home wear, but I’ll go back when we have a house😂 I loved all the Christmas decorations and the keyrings are cute. My partner has the Mickey one from the set we got. Aaw it is cute isn’t it? 😂 There is! Never tried a bell mask before, so it’ll be a first x

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      1. It always happens. and the sweets and confectionary too, oh my goodness. I’m so excited to go back and spend my money lol! Yes, I was thinking the same lol when I buy a house I’m going to have so much Disney Kitchen stuff. Aw that’s so sweet. His and hers keyrings! Oooh you’ll have to let me know what you think of it please 😀 xx


      2. Haha there’s too much good stuff😊 I know! I thought I better hold off as I don’t own a house😂 Hopefully I can buy bits soon. We both have the keyrings on our keys😊 I will🙂 xx

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