New Year’s Resolutions-July Update

July was another month where I did well with my resolutions. So here’s how I got on.

1-Eat healthy and exercise

Achieved! I’ve been going to the gym and using a personal trainer twice a week still.

I also ate healthily and made a lot of meals from scratch, such as a veggie lasagne.

2-Read more

Tick! I read ‘I See You’ by Clare Mackintosh, which is a psychological thriller.

The first chapter or so started a bit slow, but after that I really got into it.

The book is about women who take the same route and trains into London each day, but don’t realise they’re being watched or followed. It was a pretty creepy book but I enjoyed it.

3-Do 2 new things per month

In July, we went to Parkside Farm to pick our own fruit and vegetables.

We tried different foods at the Vegan Nights event, such as chicken teriyaki and coconut ice cream.

And we went to a Movies on the River event, where we watched The Greatest Showman onboard a boat.

4-Visit three NEW countries and three NEW cities (Any towns and villages, or any extra countries and cities are a bonus)

We didn’t visit any new places in July.

5-Try to use up what I have before buying more

Done! I didn’t buy anything other than food, drink and essentials in July.

Bonus Round

July was a busy month with very little ‘me time’. I found time to exercise and cook healthy food, but there wasn’t much time to relax and unwind.

Let me know how you’re getting on with your new year’s resolutions.

12 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions-July Update

  1. I finished a Clare Mackintosh book last week and it was pretty good, I’ll probably read/check out her others at some point too 🙂 well done on all your effort at the gym and with your trainer! xx


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