August Favourites

August is a month where I discovered a few new favourites, but mostly days out and making memories were my highlights. So here’s a look at what I loved.

Vegan Nights

I’ve mentioned Vegan Nights in quite a few favourites posts, but it’s such a fun event with good food and a great atmosphere.

My Birthday Cake

As we was away for my actual birthday, I had my cake early. My partner got this amazing flamingo cake from Flavourtown in London and not only was it beautiful, but it was delicious too.

Birthday Break in Greece

My partner took me to Kefalonia for my birthday and it’s an incredibly beautiful and green island. We stayed at a luxury retreat with our own private pool and I didn’t want to leave!

My 29th Birthday

I celebrated my 29th birthday in Greece and had a brilliant day. We went horse riding, to the beach and had a private dinner on our room terrace.


Whilst at university I went to yoga classes weekly, but pretty much stopped going once the centre shut down.

Lately I’ve rediscovered my love for yoga or more specifically; yin and hatha forms. We practised outdoors yoga in Greece and have tried a few different classes since we’ve been back in London.

Not only is it good for toning, but it helps stretch out muscles and is good for slowing down and calming your body and mind.

Captain Fantastic Film

Our retreat in Greece had an outdoor cinema and we went to see Captain Fantastic, which we’d never heard of. Well it’s certainly a unique and out there film, but we loved it!

A quick description that doesn’t give too much away is ‘circumstances force a family to reintegrate into society, after living in isolation for a decade’. Give it a watch, it’s thought provoking.

La La Land-City of Stars Song

Even though this song is a sad turning point in the film, I adore it. Me and my partner listen to this song often whilst stargazing and for us it’s a happy song.

Emily & Fin Old Havana Dress

I bought my first Emily & Fin dress at the start of the summer and adore it, so I treated myself to another design. I love how intricate the details are and that it’s a standout, colourful dress.

So that’s all of my August favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

22 thoughts on “August Favourites

  1. That flamingo cake is too cute and I bet tasted so yummy too! 😍
    Ah horse riding in Greece sounds like a dream! I haven’t ridden a horse since I was like four which i don’t even remember!!! I love that you did yoga in greece too! What a perfect setting! I’m glad you had such a fab time in Greece celebrating your birthday hun.
    I haven’t heard of Captian fantastic but it sounds really interesting! I will have to watch 🙂
    I don’t remember that la La land song so i will give that a listen too!
    Love the emily and fin dress plus that hair colour on you! Gorgeous!
    Also is that a photo of the teriyaki chicken? Please stop posting that picture until i’ve tried it or I might go insane 😂😂😂 need to try asap it looks so yummy!

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    1. It was the cutest cake, I didn’t want to eat it as it was so pretty😊 It was so nice. I hadn’t been horse riding since my early 20’s so I forgot what it was like. We rode such a scenic route it was beautiful😊 Outdoor yoga was amazing. It was so peaceful in the forest, with birds chirping etc. Aaw thanks huni💕 It’s such a weird film but I really got into it😊 It’s such a nice song, the more I listen to it, the more I love it! 😂 It is the chicken again. I’m sorry🙈 x

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      1. Oh I bet!!! Such a great cake!
        Ah that’s so exciting! Did you find it easy to get back into? Ah it sounds amazing 😍 I’d love to do that one day!
        Aw that sounds perfect, doing yoga surrounded by the sounds of nature! The perfect setting!
        I need to watch the film!!!! I hope I remember!
        Aw I need to listen to the song. I’ve only seen La La Land once so remember nothing of the soundtrack.
        Hahaha it’s ok! I will try it one day! I just hope it’s as good as I’m now expecting 😂 x

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      2. It was harder as the horses were walking up and down steep inclines so it was different to horse riding I’ve done in the past. After a while I found it easier😊 Outdoor yoga is the best. Wish I could do it again🙂 Yes! Watch the film and listen to the song. 😂😂 I hope so x

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      3. Oh really!?did you have to control the horse? What do you even do when horse riding 😂 thats good! How long was the ride for? I’m sure you will get the chance on another holiday! I will do 😀 x

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      4. I had a bit of help controlling the horse, but mostly he was good. He liked getting close to the cliffs, so I kept steering him away😂 We only did an hour as I hadn’t been in a while. Yeah true. I’ll choose somewhere I can do it again😊 x

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  2. The weather on your birthday trip looks absolutely stunning! Your pink flamingo cake is a work of art, I wouldn’t been sad to cut into it and eat it but I bet it tasted good! Your patterned dress is beautiful xx

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  3. Awe SO many great favorites! I LOVE your birthday cake! And girl ahhh your Greece pics are stunning! And so magical! I love that dress! SO beautiful! And Yay for doing yoga! That is awesome! If you need any tips or have any questions let me know! Yin (and the more easeful restorative) are some of my favorite practices to take and teach! 🙂 ❤

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  4. Every year, your birthday cake is so stunning and unique! I almost couldn’t cut into that work of art… almost!
    I’ve not heard of Kefalonia but now I want to go… I’m so jealous it’s so close for you to travel there relative to where I am. 😛
    That dress! You know I covet it… 😉

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    1. It was such a beautiful cake! I really wanted to eat it, but I also didn’t want to cut into it😂 Kefalonia is so beautiful. Lots of mountains, pretty villages and beautiful views. Also not as busy as the other Greek islands, even in August😊 Thank you. I love a bright summer dress x


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