September Favourites

September was a month where my passion for makeup and beauty was reignited and I visited a lot of amazing food events. So here’s a look at what I loved.

Vegan Food Events (Vegan Nights/Plant Based Live/It’s A Vegan Ting/Hackney Downs Vegan Market)

If September was anything, it was the month of food! Whilst we didn’t plan to go to all these events, we couldn’t help ourselves once we saw all the amazing food that’d be at each place.

Vegan Nights is a monthly event, Hackney Downs Market is on every weekend and the other two were special events.

Titanic Exhibition

We stumbled across this exhibition by chance and ended up visiting on the last day it was on!

Titanic is one of my favourite movies and whilst it’s such a sad story, it was great to see memorabilia from the movie and to read real life accounts and see photos from the actual Titanic. I also recently found out one of my relatives was on Titanic, so I found it a great little exhibition.

Body Balance

Last month I mentioned how much I’ve been loving yoga, but a new love for me is Body Balance.

A mixture of Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga, it helps with strength, flexibility and is also a relaxing exercise. Me and my partner have been going weekly.

Cactus/Succulent Plants

Whilst out in London, me and my partner found a Plant Warehouse. I love indoor plants, cacti and succulents but didn’t actually own any (usually because I kill them!)

I saw some really small, cute plants so I purchased two to put on top of my bookcase and I’m really pleased with how they look.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin & Banana Shower Gel

I really like The Body Shop’s shower gels and the summery Banana and autumnal Pumpkin ones have not disappointed me.

The Banana one smells just like foamy banana sweets and despite not usually liking pumpkin scents, the Pumpkin smells more like vanilla custard with a hint of spice.

Lush Little Pot of Energy Naked Body Lotion

I’m the worst at remembering or wanting to moisturise my body, but I love this Lush Naked Moisturiser. It’s a solid moisturiser that melts upon contact with your skin and leaves a beautiful, non-greasy oil that has a wonderful citrus scent.

I’ve found that as this isn’t messy and it melts into skin easily, I reach for this a lot more than a regular moisturiser.

So that’s my September Favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

17 thoughts on “September Favourites

    1. Oh girl there was a lot of good food😍 I love Titanic so I stumbled across a real gem! It was only like £5 entry too. Lush do great lotions! This solid bar is just so good😊 x


    1. It’s hard in that you have to really stretch, hold positions and better your balance but at the same time it feels nice, as you’re really stretching your body and it can release any tension😊 Our first session we was both really bad but as we’ve got better we really enjoy it😁 I love the Lush moisturiser. Just a lot easier to grab and use xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am droooooling over these vegan fests. Holy wowza mctrowzas! Just phenomenal.

    And the titanic exhibit? That’s sooo cool! Adding it to my bucket list.

    Ooooh yummy- these lush products look wonderful. Thanks for sharing, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always enjoy seeing what vegan foods you’re trying next! I’m not a vegan or even vegetarian but I do enjoy those types of foods from time to time! In fact, in our house, we try to have 1 day a week of no meat. 🙂

    I visited a Titanic exhibition in the east coast of Canada (Halifax) in the Maritime museum, it was interesting and a bit sad – there’s a display with a pair of children’s shoes. The connection of Halifax to the Titanic was that many bodies of the victims were recovered there. 😮

    Succulents are so cute! I always want some but I’m a killer of plants. 😛 Good luck with yours!

    In September, I really enjoyed my trip to the east coast! 🙂

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    1. Aaw that’s really good😊 A lot of people have a meat free day, in Belgium the schools do one which is cool🙂 I’m 90% vegan. I stopped eating meat 16 years ago and being lactose intolerant it makes sense for me to eat vegan. I still consume some dairy but hopefully in the next few years I’ll eliminate it entirely😊 Aaw that does sound sad! I never knew that about the bodies. Titanic is such a fascinating story but so sad too. One of my family members actually died on the Titanic.
      😂 Yes I am a plant killer too. They’re going strong still for now. I loved your photos and stories on Instagram. It looked beautiful😊 xx


  3. Oh gosh that banana shower gel sounds sooo yummy. It’s made me crave foam bananas so much haha and I’d never opt for them normally! I need to moisturise more for sureeee you’ve just reminded me haha!
    Body Balance sounds really cool! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 if you smelt it, you’d really want foamy bananas. It smells so good. I hate moisturising, but this makes it so much quicker and easier😊 I really like body balance. So good for toning and gaining strength😁 x


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