Anniversary Presents

Me and my partner celebrated our sixth anniversary in Mid-October and as well as treating me to a lovely weekend away (see previous post), he also got me lots of lovely presents. So here’s a look at what gifts I got.

Thumper Pyjamas from Asda

Socks from New Look

Accessorize Nose Studs

Accessorize Leo Star Sign Ring & Necklace

Colourpop Disney Designer Collection

It’s A Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette

A Whole New World Eyeshadow

Ariel Lipstick

Bobbidi and Boo Lipglosses

Colourpop Yes, Please! Eyeshadow Palette

Captain Fantastic DVD

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin DVD

The Greatest Showman DVD

Versailles Series Three DVD

Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

The World of Vanity Fair by Emma Marriott

So that’s everything. Let me know your favourite things.

24 thoughts on “Anniversary Presents

  1. He did such a good job! 😍 Those eye shadow palettes look really pretty and the pjs are so cute! Wish my fiancé and I celebrated our anniversary like you guys haha it’s not something we’ve ever actually celebrated before. X

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      1. Probably not as we won’t be together and it’s always at an awkward time between birthdays and Christmas. If all goes to plan we’ll be living together for it next year so we’ll definitely do something then. 😊 xx

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    1. I love the pjs😊 The ring and necklace are lovely, I’ve worn them lots already. The Colourpop glosses are great, I’ve worn Bobbidi the past few days and it’s pretty. I can’t wait to try the Yes Please palette😊 xx

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  2. He did such a great job and has amazing taste! Those PJ’s are SO cute! And I LOVE the jewelry! I love all the make-up and how it is Disney themed. And Greatest Showman is life! Also I just started watching season three of Versaille! SO excited! ❤

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    1. He did so well! I love all the Disney gifts😊 The jewellery is so pretty, I love starsign gifts. Yes! Love the Greatest Showman💕 I LOVE Versailles😍 Hope you enjoy it xx


      1. I did not! I didn’t even like the songs. I know they’re inspirational and a hit and everything but it did/does nothing for me! I kept rolling my eyes throughout the entire movie.
        You do know that it’s very skewed historically right? Every detail was far from the truth… I guess knowing that kind of deterred me from knowing the movie. I researched this when I was watching AHS 4. I stumbled upon PT Barnum when looking through real life physical disabilities of the actors from AHS and his real story had always stuck with me… So sorry for being a Debbie downer though. Don’t want to give out negative energy… 🙂

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      2. It’s funny, the first time we saw the film it was on a flight and me and my partner didn’t love it. I kept hearing the soundtrack once I got back home though, rewatched the film and enjoyed it😊 No I get what you mean. In the film he seems inspirational but in real life he wasn’t a nice man. I kind of forget it’s even about him, as odd as that seems. Because the movie is uplifting so I imagine the character as someone else. Not a downer, I can see why you’d not be a fan😊 x

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