The Body Shop Advent Calendar-Days 5-7

It’s day seven of opening up my calendar and as usual, I’ll be sharing all the lovely bits I’ve got in The Body Shop calendar the past few days.

Day Five

On day five I got a mini Strawberry Shower Gel. As mentioned before, I LOVE getting shower gels! The strawberry scent is a classic and I will be packing this for an upcoming trip away.

Excitement Rating: 5/5

Day Six

I love that The Body Shop are mixing it up this year! I got a Coconut Bath Bubble, which is a bath fizzer.

I’ve used this before and it’s a nice product, especially as I’m having baths most nights now it’s winter.

Excitement Rating: 4/5

Day Seven

On day seven, I got a Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. I know this is a well rated product and I did give it a try before, but I have very sensitive eyes.

Now I have another bottle, I’ll be giving it another try.

Excitement Rating: 3/5

So that’s what I got in my calendar. Let me know your favourite item.

8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Advent Calendar-Days 5-7

    1. 😂 I thought I’d add in the excitement rating, as I always tell my bf my rating of each thing lol. It’s been really good so far! I love shower gels and you can’t beat a bath fizzer or bath bomb this weather😊 x


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