My Month in Photos (December)

December was a month where we went away for two short breaks, as well as celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So here’s a look at my month in photos.

Food and Drink

Holiday to Copenhagen

Holiday to Bruges

Christmas Nails

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve

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12 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (December)

  1. What are the chocolate treats? (the heart shaped one and the rolled crepe lookalikes) Your Christmas jumpers and nails are adorable! Rainbow bowling looks fun, I suck at bowling haha x

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    1. The heart shaped one is German gingerbread so it’s a cake style gingerbread with chocolate on top. The rolled ones are a type of cinnamon roll😊 Aaw thanks huni. Haha I was pretty good this time. We won a game each and drew one! X

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