My Month in Photos (January)

January was a quieter month, where I went back to work after having two weeks off for Christmas, but as it was Veganuary we ate a whole load of good food. So here’s a look at my January in photos.

Food and Drink

Day in Brighton (including time at the Phoenix Eco Spa)

Drinks With My Cousin at the London Cocktail Club

Vegan Nights Event, London

So that’s my month in photos. Let me know how your January was.

10 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (January)

  1. All that vegan food looks so yummy, and that cake from the vegan nights event 😍delicious! I’m craving cake today! Love that you went for drinks with your cousin ❤️ It looked like a fun night! Were your drinks alcoholic / vegan?

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    1. So much good food. I love Vida Bakery, I know the owner so she often brings cake into my work😊 Aaw thanks, we had such a fun night! I don’t drink much usually, but yes it was alcohol. Yes most spirits are vegan but I check. If it’s a cocktail you just need to look at what’s in it and judge if it’s vegan. So one had cream, one had an egg white etc so that’s not vegan. But if it’s mixed with juice, tonic waters etc it’s fine xx


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