Holiday in the New Forest-Salisbury, Hot Tubs & Spa Days

Day Three

On our second full day in the New Forest I went to meet Jenny, a lovely lady I met through Instagram.

We had a great morning gossiping over tea and we both later on laughed that we forgot to get a selfie as we was too busy talking!

After my morning meet-up, my partner picked me up and we drove to Salisbury, a medieval cathedral city just outside the New Forest.

Upon arriving we did a spot of shopping, then we went to see the cities most famous sight; Salisbury Cathedral.

Work started on Salisbury Cathedral in 1220 and was completed in 1258. The cathedral is unusual as it was built in a relatively quick time frame and therefore is built in one architectural style.

The tall spire that you see in the photo was added later and stands at 404 feet, making it the tallest in Britain.

Salisbury Cathedral also has another big claim to fame. It houses one of the original copies of the Magna Carta; the charter of rights.

After visiting the cathedral, we headed to Boston Tea Party for a late lunch.

We both got the vegan fry-up and it was nice enough. I think in all honesty I prefer the idea of a fry-up over actually eating one, but it wasn’t bad.

Feeling stuffed we drove back to our lodge to use the hot tub!

Having our own private hot tub was definitely a perk. We could dip in and out as we pleased and it was made all the more relaxing by the birds singing above us.

To carry on our relaxing evening, we ate out at on-site restaurant Aubrey’s and I got the vegan pizza and chips, which was delicious.

We finished our night by watching A Star Is Born on DVD. We really enjoyed the film and it’s music and have watched it again since.

Day Four

The next day was a relaxed and lazy one for us. I headed to the on-site spa for a facial, massage and pedicure, whilst my partner relaxed in the lodge.

My pretty pink pedicure.

After a morning and afternoon of pampering, we spent some time in our lodge watching TV and taking it easy.

We cooked a chilli together for dinner and decided to exchange Valentine’s gifts a day early, as we knew we’d be busy on the day.

My adorable Queen themed card.

As we’d watched the Bohemian Rhapsody film twice and listened to the songs non-stop for months it was a thoughtful card, especially as we both love the song ‘Love of My Life’.

My partner also got me a Fitbit which I’ve used non-stop, as well as lots of other lovely gifts which I mentioned in a previous post.

After a lovely, lazy day we headed to bed, wanting to be fresh for Valentine’s Day.

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    1. Aaw thanks so much๐Ÿ˜Š I really liked it. I found after I learned the songs I loved the film even morr, plus I could appreciate any details I missed the first time xx


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