February & March Favourites

In both February and March I discovered a lot of new favourites. Most are days out or activities but there’s also a few other bits thrown in. So here’s a look at my favourites.

A Week Away in the New Forest

As mentioned in previous posts, me and my partner went away and stayed in a cosy lodge for a week. We was surrounded by nature, had our own private hot tub and some lovely days out. It was the most relaxing break and much needed after a turbulent and upsetting start to the year, where I was dealing with grief.

Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we was away in the New Forest! We had perfect sunny and mild weather for our day out. We spent time at the stunning nature spot Durdle Door, saw rescued monkeys and went for a wonderful meal. We couldn’t have had a nicer day.

Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-Along

We don’t watch many movies or go to the cinema often, but we loved the Bohemian Rhapsody film. After seeing there was special sing-along screenings, we knew we had to go. All I can say is it was so much fun! I sang my heart out, I laughed and I loved soaking up the atmosphere. We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we’ve booked to go to The Greatest Showman Sing-Along this weekend.


For Valentine’s my partner got me a Fitbit Charge 3, which I adore! I’ve worn this non-stop the past two months and I love all the different features. I mostly track my steps and I always do a minimum of 10,000 daily, but I also enjoy seeing my heart rate and fitness levels, calories burnt and my sleep pattern. I’d definitely recommend getting one as it helps keep me motivated to keep moving.

Sunday Runs and Walks

Sunday used to be my day of rest or lazy day of doing very little indoors. Lately, with the motivation from my Fitbit, I’ve started going out every Sunday morning to a nearby forest and park area. If the ground is dry I go running, but I’m just as happy going for a long walk. I feel less sluggish getting out and being surrounded by nature; but I also see it as ‘me time’ where I get my exercise in but also clear my mind and relax at the same time.

Grey Blanket from Wilko

For Christmas my mum got me a very large, oversized grey blanket as one of my gifts. No only is it cosy and warm, but it’s also super soft. Me and my partner both love it so much, that we took it away to the lodge with us and would often sit snuggled up underneath.

Vida Bakery

Not far from where I work is Vida Bakery, a vegan and gluten free cafe that sells beautiful cakes and has Instragrammable interiors. I’ve been a couple of times lately, once when meeting my cousin for a catch up and I love what a relaxed and wonderful space it is. My favourite casual spot for tea and cake.


On the topic of food, me and my partner recently visited SpiceBox restaurant in East London. I love Indian food but tend to avoid restaurants serving it due to a lack of vegan options or too many nut dishes being on the menu (I have an allergy).

SpiceBox is a completely vegan restaurant that doesn’t compromise on taste and often only serves one nut based dish. They took my allergies seriously and the food was fantastic, so they are currently one of my favourite restaurants.

A Star Is Born Movie and Soundtrack

Whilst we was down the lodge, we bought A Star Is Born on DVD. I’d heard a lot of great reviews about it and after watching it once, I was hooked. We watched it a second time and just loved the movie even more. We also bought the soundtrack which we’ve played loads in the car.

Watching You by Lisa Jewell

I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers and Watching You was an enjoyable read. The themes of infatuation, character flaws and how each persons story links to another was easy and interesting reading.

So that’s all of my favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

12 thoughts on “February & March Favourites

  1. The sing a long movies sound fun, does everyone else get involved in the singing too? I still haven’t seen The Greatest Showman and I’d like to add A Star Is Born to my list to watch as well. Does your FitBit strap get dirty being white? The Indian food looks delicious! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They do😊 They had a lady get us singing before the movie to warm us up. Was so much fun and people were laughing, booing etc throughout the film😁 I love both films. The Greatest Showman is very easy watching and uplifting. A Star is Born is better the more you watch it. It doesn’t, it’s a wipe down strap so stays clean😊 It was so nice. I love Indian food💕 x

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      1. I never did tbh. The Greatest Showman is the most musical type one, as the other two are more them on stage at times singing. Yeah, it’s a rubbery material😊 I have a black strap too but I quite like the white xx

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      2. I like Grease. I guess The Greatest Showman is like that😊 The other two have songs but feel less like musicals. Yeah it makes a change as I always go for black straps😊 x

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  2. I’m going to watch A Star Is Born tonight! Glad to hear you loved it! SpiceBox sounds like such a fantastic place and I love that it’s all vegan, how amazing. The food looks yummy. Hope you enjoy The Greatest Showman sing along!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww let me know if you enjoy it😊 I love that it’s all vegan! I could eat everything bar one of the dishes so I had a lot of choice and the food was yummy😊 Thanks hun😊 xx


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