My Current Favourites

Whilst I usually do monthly favourites, I decided that I’ve been away so long I’m going to just do a current favourites post. So here’s a look at what I’ve been loving.

Olivia Burton Earrings

I have quite a few piercings in my ears and tend to just wear the same studs all the time, but for my 30th birthday I got two beautiful pairs of earrings by Olivia Burton.

My partner got me gold and peridot bumble bee earrings which are just adorable and a really thoughtful gift as peridot is my birthstone.

His parents got me a set of rose gold and white topaz huggie hoops which are also beautiful.

Dorothy Perkins Dresses

I wasn’t intending to buy any new clothes, but I wandered into Dorothy Perkins and fell in love with four, yes four dresses!

The polka dot style is ideal for autumn with it’s length and long sleeves. The other three dresses are from the Luxe part of the shop, but I figured with various birthdays, Christmas and New Year coming up in the next few months, I’d have the opportunity to wear them all.

Kensington Palace

At the weekend me and my partner finally visited Kensington Palace. Despite us both being Londoners, we’d never been!

As well as the usual state apartments and the stunning gardens you can explore, there’s a great Queen Victoria exhibition on until January. I’d highly recommend a visit.

(Post coming soon on our day at Kensington Palace).

My 30th Birthday

For my big 3-0 we woke up bright and early to go on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. Nothing could have prepared me for the sight of a 150 balloons in the air as the sun rose, it was a serene and beautiful experience. After our two hour flight through the air the pilot gave us each a glass of sour cherry wine, we toasted, took group photos and it was the most wonderful start to my birthday.

The rest of the day consisted of presents, being pampered at a spa, a flowered covered room and wonderful meal out. My best birthday yet!

Outdoor Activities and Adventures

Over the summer I took part in many fun activities, indoors and out. In Thailand I went snorkeling, sea kayaking and salsa dancing.

In Borneo I did river cruises and jungle treks. On my birthday break to Turkey we did a hot air balloon ride, hiked and sped through valleys on quad bikes.

I have loved being outdoors and hope to have many more adventurous days out in the coming months.

Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

12 thoughts on “My Current Favourites

  1. Those huggie hoop earrings are so cute! I’m curious to try the style but I haven’t seen any here that I like yet haha. The hot air balloon ride sounds magical, would love to do one of those one day! So glad you had a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! xx

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    1. I loved the look of huggies for so long, really happy I have a pair😊 Aaw it can be hard to find a pair that suits your tastes. Olivia Burton does nice earrings, that’s where mine are from. The hot air balloon ride was incredible, just so beautiful and magical. I would definitely recommend😊 Aaw thank you so much💕 x

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      1. The day I wrote this comment I bought a pair online. They arrived today so I’ll get to look at them when I’m home. I checked out the Olivia Burton site but it either doesn’t ship here or it’s expensive xx

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  2. I love the earrings hun and you look gorgeous in your Kensington Palace pictures! I haven’t been there yet but it’s on the list! The hot air balloon ride sounds absolutely amazing as do all the outdoor activities you’ve done on your travels! Kayaking, jungle treks and river cruises… yes please!! 😍 So happy you’ve been having so many wonderful adventures and this was your best birthday yet, here’s to many more 🥂

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    1. Aaw thank you😊 It’s so lovely at Kensington, the grounds are lovely and it’s inside Hyde Park so lovely scenery. I loved all of the outdoor activities😍 Would love to do many more. Thanks lovely😘 xx


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