Cappadocia Days 1 & 2-Cave Hotel and Valley Walks

In August me and my partner booked a very last minute trip to Cappadocia in Turkey.

As we’d been away in Asia, came back and suffered jet lag for weeks, we had no idea where to book and our minds were still a bit scrambled from the 32 hour journey home! Then we decided that Cappadocia would be a special, quirky and wonderful place to spend my 30th birthday.

So here’s a look at the first two days of our trip.

Day One

We had an early afternoon flight from London Stansted airport, so we grabbed some food before getting on the flight.

Waffle fries from Leon, yum!

And the not so great gyoza udon pot from Itsu.

Us on the first of our two flights.

We flew into Turkey’s capital city Istanbul, before catching a second flight on to Kayseri.

From there we had an hour’s mini bus transfer to Cappadocia, so we didn’t arrive until nighttime.

Once we pulled up to our hotel and checked in, I felt like an excited kid.

Staying in a cave hotel (which Cappadocia is famous for) was something completely new to me and I just wanted to explore the grounds.

Our stunning cave suite.

I honestly felt overwhelmed and super lucky to stay in a place that was so beautiful but also so connected to nature. I can highly recommend a stay at the Lunar Cappadocia Hotel.

By the time we’d walked around the grounds, checked our room out and unpacked, it was 1am. So we headed to bed, ready for our first proper day in Cappadocia.

Day Two

Our first full day started with apple tea and breakfast in our hotel.

The amazing lady that did the breakfast buffet was great at telling me what I could and couldn’t eat (as I’m vegan and have a nut allergy). A couple of days into the trip, she made everything nut free so that I could eat more from the buffet which was lovely of her.

After breakfast we headed into the town (Göreme) to explore the shops.

One of the many lamp shops, where you pay a small fee to take photos.

There’s a lot of lamp shops, but this was my favourite lamp store in Cappadocia, so we returned a few days later to buy one!

After the shops, we started to walk to Goreme Open Air Museum with a couple of stops along the way.

Photo stop.

And an orange juice stop.

Then we reached the museum.

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1984, Goreme Open Air Museum is a complex of monasteries and churches.

Monks and Christian believers fleeing persecution headed to Cappadocia and set up communities, which was flourishing by the 2nd century.

One of the biblical scenes painted in a cave church at the site.

The Open Air Museum is one of the busier and more expensive attractions in Cappadocia (entry is 54 Turkish Lira, which is just over £7) but it’s a historic and unique place to visit, so we really enjoyed it.

After a day of history, it was time to explore Cappadocia’s stunning volcanic landscapes with a hike through the Rose and Red Valleys.

The pink hued rocks which gives the valley it’s name.

We walked for hours and barely saw another soul. It was peaceful, beautiful and the landscape made me feel as though we was on another planet.

There’s few signs, no phone signal and we got at times pretty lost. But I would love to return and explore these two valleys in more depth.

Tired after a day of walking, we made our way to the main road and caught a taxi to Crazy Ali Panorama Cafe, which has beautiful views over Red Valley.

The Panorama Cafe has some of my favourite ever views. We ordered some Turkish tea and took in the sunset.

As it started to get dark, we caught another taxi back to Göreme town for dinner.

I had falafels, bread and salad, whilst my partner had quesadillas, all of which was delicious.

Then we walked up the hills and winding streets back to our hotel. Ready for any early night before my birthday the next day.

12 thoughts on “Cappadocia Days 1 & 2-Cave Hotel and Valley Walks

  1. Ahhhh I have been waiting for these posts and am so frickin excited! Seriously Cappadocia is at the top of my list! This lamp shops are stunning! And the cave hotel is so dreamy! I am glad you had so much fun, and the first days treated you well! ❤

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