Beauty Advent Calendar-Days 2-6

Happy Friday! It’s already close to a week into December; how crazy! So here’s a look at what beauty goodies I got this week in the Look Fantastic calendar.

Day Two

On the second day of Christmas I got a Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment.

You apply this 5-in-1 treatment to damp hair and it protects from heated styling products, smooths, adds volume and also strengthens hair.

My hair has felt a bit dry and slightly fluffy lately, so I’m looking forward to using this.

Day Three

Day three saw me receive a Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner. Whilst I doubt it could ever replace my ride or die toner from Lush, Caudalie is a great brand.

This toner promises to pull impurities from pores, provide hydration, reduce breakouts, tighten pores and give a glowing complexion.

Day Four

On day four I opened my calendar to find two Luxie eye makeup brushes. One is a smaller round brush for applying on the lids or under eyes, whilst the tapered brush is for blending.

I only have a couple of brushes that I like for applying eye makeup, so I’m delighted to have some new ones as these seem well made.

Day Five

On day five I got a pot of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. Firstly I want to say this is a huge sized sample to get in a calendar! This is a 30ml pot, whilst the full-sized one is 50ml and costs a whopping £87!

I’ve used the same Clinique day cream for years, so I’m excited to try out this one alongside that. My only gripe is that they didn’t include the version of this that contains SPF 30, as I prefer a day cream that contains at least some SPF.

Day Six

And finally; today I received an Illamasqua Nude Collection Lip Liner in the shade Raw.

Whilst I’m not a frequent lip liner wearer, this is a pretty pinky brown nude that will work well under most lipsticks or bolder lip glosses.

I feel like there’s been a nice mix of skin, hair and makeup products so far. Let me know what your favourite item is?

14 thoughts on “Beauty Advent Calendar-Days 2-6

  1. I didn’t know you used a Lush toner hun, I’m gonna have to try it though the one you received here sounds good too!! That’s amazing you got a 30ml of the Elemis product, how generous! How much did the advent calendar itself cost hun?

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    1. Yes I’ve used the Tea Tree one since I was at uni😊 It’s so gentle I spray it on a cotton pad and use it over my face and eyes twice a day. I only use a cleanser twice a week, so I clean my face using this instead. Isn’t too heavy. I know it is a huge pot! Would cost at least £50+! Ooh Mark gets me it each year so I’m not sure. I think £75 but my friend gave us a £15 off voucher xx


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