Cappadocia Days 4 & 5-Castles, Photoshoots & Quad Biking

Day Four

On our fourth day in Cappadocia we decided to explore more of the town we was staying in; Göreme.

We bought apple tea, cute little glass cups and lamps, then stopped off for some lunch.

After a leisurely start to the day, we took a taxi to the town of Uçhisar.

Carved into volcanic rock, Uçhisar Castle is the must-see sight in the area. With tunnels dug through the rock, it was a watch tower as well as a hiding place for villagers when enemy armies were nearby.

Despite there being little inside the castle to see, the main draw is the view from the top.

As well as a marvellous view, there was also a professional photographer waiting at the top.

We paid £5 or less for a framed photo and a few other pictures that was emailed to us.

We was both really happy with how they turned out, especially as we had a beautiful backdrop.

After an afternoon exploring Uçhisar, our next stop was Love Valley.

Named due to it’s (natural) phallic shaped rock formations, Love Valley is an incredibly popular photography spot. We saw several wedding parties taking their photos here due to the many scenic spots set up along the valley.

The wishing tree in Love Valley.

After a wonderful day of appreciating nature, we headed back to Göreme town for dinner.

Whilst deciding on a restaurant, we stopped off at Galerie Ikman a very famous rug and light store. More famous for it’s photography shoots than selling rugs, it was on my list for photos.

You pay a small fee to take pictures (more if you’re holding your wedding shoot there, want to use a drone etc). The owner was really lovely, he gave me props and helped direct me to get the best photos and backdrops.

It’s the most stunning and colourful store with an open roof, which is why you can see Cappadocia’s famous rock formations in the background.

I absolutely love all of the photos and I honestly felt like I was walking through an Aladdin’s cave of treasures.

After acting like a model, we ate at the Organic Cave Kitchen in Göreme. If I could recommend one place not to eat at in Cappadocia, it’d be here.

The pottery kebab was cold, watery, oily and flavourless. I barely touched mine.

After a great day (despite dinner) we went back to our hotel, ready for our final day.

Day Five

On our last day we slept in, ate breakfast in our hotel then went into town to book quad biking!

I was super excited for quad biking but my partner was worried it was a bit dangerous. Of course I persuaded him and we loved it.

My partner drove first with me on the back. We crossed through Rose Valley (where we went hiking) and other gorgeous areas.

Halfway through our time we pulled up at a small village and bought some fresh juices, then I drove us back. It was so exhilarating speeding through the valleys with hardly anyone around.

Another professional photo of us, it’s the most we’ve ever had on one trip!

After an adventurous morning, I returned to Heybe Hotel for a relaxing afternoon of pampering.

Feeling refreshed.

My partner met me after my treatments and we got ready back at our hotel.

As the sun began to set we booked a taxi to take us to the Crazy Ali Panorama Cafe; one of our favourite places in Cappadocia.

The view and the atmosphere is amazing.

As it started to get late, we ate at Turkish Ravioli Restaurant back near our hotel.

My favourite; the pottery kebab.

Once we got back, we begrudgingly packed up our things and went to bed.

Day Six

As we had an early flight booked, we was awake by sunrise.

The whole time we was in Cappadocia, the hot air balloons only flew once and that was on my birthday.

But on our last day we got lucky. We could take in the view of the balloons from the ground and enjoy the different perspective.

Our hotel like many in the area has viewing platforms to appreciate the beauty of the balloons in flight. It’s a truly magical sight to wake up to.

Sad to be leaving one of the most stunning places we’ve been, we could still see and enjoy the view of the balloons on the coach back to the airport.

It almost felt like we was taking a little piece of magic back home with us.

15 thoughts on “Cappadocia Days 4 & 5-Castles, Photoshoots & Quad Biking

  1. Wow, the scenery is so pretty, I love the castle its definitely unusual. Lots of great photos! The professional photos look good, it sounds like fun doing your own photo shoot in the shop as well. Quad biking sounds exciting and a different way to see the area 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a really beautiful and unusual area😊 The castle is definitely different to any I’ve seen before. Aaw thank you it was a lot of fun and I was really happy with the photos😊 I loved quad biking! It was so much fun and the views were gorgeous along the way xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Legit have chills reading this! I am SO happy (and envious!) that you got to experience it, but what a way to spend your birthday! the Uçhisar castle is stunning! And the reason for Love Valley’s name is so funny. Girl I LOVE all your photos! You owned it! They came out stunning! What an incredible place! One day I WILL get there! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh wow! How funny yet beautiful are those rock formations at Love Valley. I love the skirt you wore that day & you look absolutely magical in the rug store photos. Wow! So amazing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful time with us. ♡ I so enjoyed reading!!

    Liked by 1 person

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