New York-Arrival, Shopping & Christmas Markets

Late December I headed to New York for Christmas! Me, my partner, my mum and brother spent a week in the Big Apple and we was super excited to be abroad for Christmas Day. So here’s a look at our first couple of days in the city.

21st December 2019-Travel Day

A few days before Christmas we headed to London Gatwick airport. My mum and brother were nervous about the flight as they’d only been on one short flight before, but they handled the journey really well.

Me and my partner on the flight.

View from the plane.

As we had a dinner time flight, we arrived at JFK airport in the evening. We grabbed a taxi and headed to the Lex Hotel NYC.

Our room.

Lex is a pretty small hotel compared to Arlo Nomad where we stayed on our previous visit, but whilst not a fancy hotel, it was comfortable, cosy and quiet. The rooms were also unusually spacious for a room in New York and had a bath tub!

I’d definitely stay at the Lex again as it’s located in Midtown and is very convenient for getting around, it also felt like a home from home.

Tired after a day of travel, we all headed to bed.

22nd December 2019-Day One

On our first day we took it pretty easy. Instead of booking or planning too much we decided we’d wander around, do some shopping and visit a Christmas Market. Funnily enough none of us was too tired from the travelling, but I was still glad we didn’t book activities for day one.

Our first stop was the Flatiron Building.

Despite the building work going on, it was still impressive to see.

We also took photos in front of the Empire State Building.

After taking all our pictures it was time for shopping! We spent quite some time in Macy’s which was decorated beautifully for Christmas, as well as Sephora. (My last post is all about what I bought in New York).

After buying bags, makeup and skincare we walked to the chaotic but colourful Times Square.

We ate and walked around, soaking up the atmosphere.

As the sun started to set we walked back to Bryant Park for the Winter Village.

We drank the most delicious caramel spiced apple cider.

Bought candles and other crafts.

Ate, ate and ate!

I didn’t take any pictures of the vegan arancini balls but just know they was amazing, as was the falafel wrap.

We watched people glide (or fall) on the ice skating rink.

And had the most wonderful evening.

As we had busy days, we often had earlier nights in our hotel which suited us. I’d get back, read, have a long soak in the bath and relax.

After a lot of walking on our first day we headed to bed, ready for a busy day ahead.

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