New York-Christmas Eve in the City

24th December 2019-Day Three

Christmas Eve was another beautifully cold but sunny day and we planned to walk around seeing as many things on our list as possible.

We started with a visit to Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center, which offers some of the best views of New York.

Taking selfies as usual!

Hungry from all the photo opportunities, we headed to the shops and restaurants area of the Rockefeller Center.

We ate at a place called Black Seed which does bagels and had a vegan buffalo cauliflower & tofu cream cheese bagel which was amazing!

Once we’d eaten we stepped outside to see the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and ice rink.

Then we saw several sights on my mum’s list.

Trump Tower.

Tiffany’s and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

And then we squeezed in Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

Highly recommended to us (by everyone!) we queued up with limited time before our theatre show but thankfully the queue moved quickly.

Once inside we ordered pasta with Beyond Sausage and a Beyond Burger and listened to the waiting staff sing. All staff members are hoping to become future Broadway stars and receive funding and classes through Ellen’s. I was worried it’d be a cheesy experience, but we had a lot of fun!

After an already wonderful day, we went to watch A Christmas Carol on Broadway. We’d seen the show before in London, but New York’s version was much better! There was audience interaction, free gifts and fake snow.

It felt like the most perfect way to end our Christmas Eve.

10 thoughts on “New York-Christmas Eve in the City

  1. Everyone recommends Ellens, everyone! I love it in there, we went twice on our trip and I’d 100% go back again! Such a good vibe! I tried the Beyond Burger there too! Seeing A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, especially on Broadway, sounds like the most perfect way to end a v festive day just before Christmas! Did the Ellen’s waiters sing any Christmas songs btw? Thanks for sharing I wanna go back to NYC already haha!

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    1. I was so worried it would be cheesy and not my thing, but it was so much fun. The Beyond burger was yummy too😊 No they just sang regular songs when we was there. It really was so special! It was such a nice atmosphere with free gifts given out, fake snow etc. It really felt like Christmas it was the best show to watch on Christmas Eve😊💕 x


    1. It was so wonderful! All the Christmas lights, the show and once we came out of the show the atmosphere was buzzing😊 It was cold but nowhere near as cold as people said! The wind can be cold, but to be honest I found the weather lovely. It was sunny but fresh every day😊 xx

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  2. What an amazing day! You are making me miss New York something fierce! Top of The Rock has some of my favorite views! I prefer it over Empire State Building! I love Saint Pats it is stunning inside! Loved this recap! ❤

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    1. Aaw girl I bet! I loved NYC even more after this visit. Definitely! I’m not a fan of the Empire State but we did it so my mum could see it. It is a beautiful cathedral😊 Aaw thanks huni xxx


  3. I NEED to see that huge tree in real life some day in my life. It is amazing. Ellen’s sounds like so much fun, too.

    I’ll be seeing A Christmas Carol, here in Vegas, later this year & I can’t wait! I know it won’t be as great as NY must have been though!

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    1. It is so pretty and that tree is so iconic!😊 Ellen’s was way more fun than I imagined. I thought it’d be roll your eyes cheesy but it’s such a happy place. Aaw amazing, it’s a great show regardless😊 xxx

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