New York-Christmas Day in Central Park

25th December-Day Four

Christmas Day started with us exchanging presents in our room.

We’d brought along our matching Disney stockings and filled them with goodies, as well as bringing along several other gifts.There was nothing I’d really asked for, so I was overwhelmed and felt very lucky to receive so many lovely presents.

After a leisurely start to our day, we headed to Central Park.It was a beautiful, clear day where the air was cold and crisp, the sun was shining and we had a wonderful afternoon exploring Central Park.As the sun started to go down, we made our way back to our hotel to warm up and to freshen up.

My Christmas Day look.We took an Uber and headed to Buddakan, an up-market, Pan Asian restaurant where part of the first Sex and the City movie was filmed.

With low lighting, grand chandeliers and very attentive staff, this is the place to come for a special meal.For starters I had the carrot, mushroom and onion dumplings which were incredible!For mains we shared rice noodles, the best tofu I’ve ever eaten and some customised rice (we removed the egg and sauce to make it vegan). Again, all of the food was fantastic and Buddakan is up there as one of my favourite ever restaurants.

Feeling full after the most amazing feast, we went back to our hotel where we played quizzes and card games in our room before sleeping off our Christmas banquet.

11 thoughts on “New York-Christmas Day in Central Park

  1. This sounds like the most perfect Christmas day! I definitely will be putting Buddakan on my list for next time I go! The best tofu ever? I neeed to try! 😍 Your Christmas look is so pretty, your hair looks fab!

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    1. It was the best Christmas! Just a lovely sunny, crisp day in Central Park, lovely dinner😊 Buddakan is amazing, the tofu is crispy and in the best sauce😍 Aaw thanks hun xxx


  2. What an amazing way to spend the holiday! Centra Park is one of my favorite places. I loved taking walks through there (This post made me SO nostalgic!) and Buddakan is phenomenal! One of my favorite restaurants! I am so happy you had a great day! ❤

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    1. It was such a wonderful day. Central Park is beautiful and the weather was just perfect for a walk, cold but sunny😊 Buddakan is amazing. One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to😊 xx


  3. Your matching stockings are adorable & your man always picks out all the best gifts! You looked absolutely beautiful for your dinner date & the restaurant is seriously stunning. How cool that Sex & the City had been filmed there! Food looks delish, too. 😊

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