Richmond Park & Lightopia Light Festival

A couple of weeks ago me and my partner drove to the other side of London as we’d booked Lightopia Light Festival for the evening. Keen to make a day of it, we started at Richmond Park which is one of my favourite places. So here’s a look at our day.

It was a crisp, cool day but the sun was shining brightly making it an ideal day for a walk.

The lighting was just perfect for photos as the sun sat low in the sky.

After several hours of wandering through the park, we sat on a bench and had a picnic. We’d packed rolls, crisps and fruit in our backpack.

As the sun started to set, we drove to Chiswick House where the light festival was being held.

We’ve been to several light festivals the past few months, including one in New York. The nice thing about Lightopia is the way it’s spread out, as it feels like walking through a forest and is close to nature.

As well as light installations, there was light-up swings, rides, food stalls and more, so it’s one for all the family.

Lightopia is on until 1st March.

14 thoughts on “Richmond Park & Lightopia Light Festival

  1. I went to Lightopia a couple of weeks ago. Spent ages trying to get a photo of the peacock with the fully lit plume, but the bloody thing kept flashing off 😭🤣 Cool place though.

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